{Personality Quiz} Which Egyptian God/dess are You?

Take the quiz and comment your results below.

1. Choose your favorite color from the list.

A. Gold

B. Blue

C. Green/Black

D. Yellow

E. Red

2. Pick a food item that most represents you.

A. Meat

B. Honey

C. Pomegranate

D. Bread

E. Lettuce

3. What super powers do you want?

A. Shape shifting

B. Healing

C. Psychic abilities

D. Super strength

E. Controlling sand storms

4. What word best describes your personality?

A. Loyal

B. Compassionate

C. Generous

D. Protective

E. Menacing

5. What is your spirit animal?

A. Jackal

B. Dove

C. Falcon

D. Lion

E. Hippo

6. Where would your godly kingdom reside?

A. In the underworld

B. On an island

C. In the mountains

D. Along the delta

E. In the desert

7. How would you destroy your enemies?

A. Physical strength

B. Magic

C. Justice

D. Wit

E. Any means necessary

8. Pick your favorite song from the list?

A. I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys

B. Forever May Not Be Long Enough by Live

C. Wherever You Will Go by The Calling

D. Somebody Like You by Adele

E. Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield

9. What would your symbols of power be?

A. Scales

B. Throne

C. Crown

D. Basket

E. Scepter


If you got…

Mostly A’s: You are the God Anubis.

Mostly B’s: You are the Goddess Isis.

Mostly C’s: You are the God Osiris.

Mostly D’s: You are the Goddess Nephthys.

Mostly E’s: You are the God Set.

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