{Character Interview} Anubis from Descendants of Isis by @KelseyKetch

Happy Thanksgiving! Today, I have posted an interview with one of my minor characters, Anubis, from the Descendant of Isis.


As transcribed from an interview held in Duat.

Kelsey: Holy cr*p-sh*t! It’s bloody cold down here.

Anubis: *Laughs* You’ll get used to it.

K: Not likely. I hate the cold. How do you even stand this harsh environment?

A: After living here for thousands of years, you get used to it.

K: *Silence* Right. With how young and handsome you look, I always forget how long you’ve actual lived. All the history you’ve must have witnessed.

A: Actually, I haven’t witnessed much. My time is pretty much spent here, finding and guiding souls to their final destination, then weighing their heart on the scales of Ma ‘at. Kind of a 24/7 job with how many people die. And the little free time I have, I enjoy other, more recreational activities. However, Horus does attempt to keep me up to date on the latest in what you call pop culture.

K: That’s the perfect lead into my first interview question. In Son of Set, you’re first introduced teasingly “nipping” at your half-brother, Horus, while you both were in your animal forms. Have you and your half-brother always had such a great relationship?

A: I’d say we have a pretty normal relationship, I guess. There are times where we get along and times where we are at each other’s throats.

K: So, like normal brothers.

A: Yeah, I would say.

K: But, honestly, you’re not normal. Well, not by mortal standards, at least. What’s it like being a god?

A: *Laughs* Well, it might seem spectacular, I guess, being a god. But when you live in a world of gods and goddesses, it’s really not as special. Everyone has powers. Everyone has talents. Some which make my abilities seem . . . embarrassingly enough, like simple parlor tricks. So, being a god really doesn’t feel any different here. In the mortal world, it might be more fun, but not here.

However, being a god has its perks. Like I mentioned, each of the gods and goddesses here have their special gifts or talents based on the duties they were born for. Mine focuses on protecting souls on their journey to the Hall of Judgment. That includes battling demons and facing harsh and poisoned environments. So, a god needs great strength and general magic, and transfiguration is very handy. Common, but handy. But my real ability is to see into a soul’s heart and communicate with it.

K: *Voice cracks a little* See into hearts. So, you can see into my heart? Are you seeing into my heart, now?

A: *Eyes move down and a devilish smile appears* Maybe.

K: Okay! *Uses notepad to cover chest* Um, you mentioned protecting souls on their journey through Duat. Could you tell us about your position and duties as a god?

A: I’m often referred to the God of Mummification. However, I’ve had many other titles: ‘foremost of the westerners,’ ‘he who is upon his mountain,’ Lord of the Sacred land,’ ‘the one presiding over the God’s pavilion,’ and ‘he who is in the place of embalming.”

K: Wow.

A: Yeah, mouthful. Not they mean much these days, except to a few. Basically, I’m involved in everything related to the journey into the afterlife. I see over the graves and tombs to protect the bodies of the pure. I’m the overseer of the embalming rites and rituals. I guide souls through Duat and protect them from harm. And I’m the Guardian of the Scales.

K: You weren’t kidding earlier. Sounds like a full time job.

A: It pretty much is.

K: Amazing. In addition, there was a time when Isis asked you to train a young lady—a descendant of ancient priestesses—in her ability to use the power of Ma ‘at. What was it like working with Natara Stone?

A: Our time was too short, really. She was a great student. Despite the logical rationing she used as a wall, she was very open to learn and adapt. Yet, I wish I had more time to hone in her abilities. There is so much more to Ma ‘at. So much more to the power of Ra. Unfortunately, she was forced to face Set before I could truly unlock her heart’s power.

K: At least she had Seth O’Keefe. He was able to protect her, is that not correct?

A: *Glares* I guess. Though, from how I understand it, he was the reason she was captured by the Sons in the first place.

K: An honest mistake, I’m sure.

A: *Silence*

K: Why do you not trust Seth?

A: Because he is a Son of Set. He is a descendant of the priest that served my uncle during one of the darkness times in Egyptian history. They encouraged corruption, stripped people of their free will, and lead chaos into the streets. And Seth is a descendant of the worse kind of Son. He is a Charmer—one whose power can influence others’ thoughts and emotions through magical impulses, and even their memories if the pulse is strong enough. The souls they touch will never get to pass into Osiris’s Kingdom. That lineage destroyed thousands of lives, just as my uncle had destroyed my mother and my family.

K: But Seth has shown to have a caring heart, has he not?

A: A Son of Set is a Son of Set. If it wasn’t for Natti’s love for him, I’d rip his heart out myself and feed it to Ammit without even a bat of an eye.

K: *Gapping* All right. Moving onto some current pop-culture. What did you think of the movie Gods of Egypt?

A: *Exhales and smiles thinly* It wasn’t bad. I’m not as big of a fan of it as, say, my little brother is. But, then again, I’m not the star of the film. *Gives wink*

K: *Giggles* True. I could see why your brother would then take a liking to the movie. But Anubis was still a very important character in Zaya’s journey through Duat. How did you feel about how the screenwriters, graphic designers, and actor portrayed your character?

A: *Leans cheek on fist and shrugs* I’d say they did all right, for the most part. Unfortunately, they didn’t really capture my true physical appearance in any since of the word—as you can tell for yourself. Even in a were-form, I don’t have gold veins running through my body, as cool as that might be. Also, many people of this day-in-age tend to confuse Wepwawet and myself. My fur being the color of obsidian while Wepwawet has the slate gray, which was used in the film. Plus, being in our were-forms often takes more energy than either our human or animal forms. It would be exhausting to stay in that form for that long. That’s why I often wear a golden mask at the judgment ceremonies instead.

K: And what about the character’s strick, but caring personality? Personally, just sitting with you today, I think they were fairly accurate. Particularly the caring part. You were often depicting adjusting the scales in favor of the hearts in your charge.

A: Well . . . *blushes* thank you for the compliant. I like to think I’m a little more laid back than that character, but I’m just grateful they didn’t depict me the villain other movies have in the past.

K: How do you feel when the media shows you in such a negative light?

A: Disappointed, mostly. I get people’s hesitation of me. My duties as a god represent something people fear most. Especially, now-a-days. But I’m honestly not a bad guy. And Ammit—Ammit is a pussy-cat.

K: How would you feel about having a novel written about you someday?

A: *Laughs* How do you mean that? As a villain?

K: Not necessarily. I mean as the main character, good or bad. How would you feel about having a novel focus on your story?

A: *Long pause* I think I would like that. It would be nice to get out of the shadows and have a book crafted around my story.

K: Okay, my final question is for all those single folks out there. Are you single or married?

A: Um. *Fidgets nervously and rubs the back of his neck* Divorced actually, but I don’t want to go into that, if you don’t mind.

K: Of course not. But are you currently in love with anyone?

A: There’s someone I’ve admired for a long while, but I don’t see it going anywhere.

K: *Smiles* I won’t press any farther. Thank you so much for meeting me today to answer some questions.

A: Thank you for coming here to interview me. And if you have any other questions, feel free to call my name. I’ll even give you an exclusive tour of Duat, if you are interested. *Gives me a wink*

K: Oh. Ah, I’ll think on that.

A: Yeah?

K: Yeah.

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