{Ketch’s Sketches} Bleeding Out

Bleeding Out

Sometimes you can’t see how much pain somebody feels. This is a first of a series of sketches: the biological, the symbolic, and the mechanical. A heart battered, broken, and bruised by a series of events that occurred last summer. When shedding tears wasn’t enough, I poured everything I was feeling into my novels and sketches while listening to Imagine Dragons, particularly their song Bleeding Out.

Fortunately, my heart has been on the mend as I’ve taken slow steps to rediscovering my path. And though I can still feel the open wounds, I refuse to close my heart. Love is out there, and love will heal my heart.


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  1. I haven’t checked in, in a while, so I’m not sure what has transpired for you…but thank you for your candor and open broken heart…you’re not alone…june

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