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Nominations are now open for the Year End Book Nominations at Plain Talk Book Marketing!! There are nine categories: favorite book, favorite author, favorite character, favorite baddie, favorite book boyfriend, favorite book BFF, favorite book couple, favorite heroine, and favorite hero.

I know each of you has a favorite for each of these, but I would be greatly honored if you nominated Daughter of Isis and/or Son of Set for one or more of these categories. Here’s 5 reasons why from reader reviews:

DaughterIsis_CVR_LRG“Kelsey Ketch’s debut novel will keep you reading from start to finish…The way Kelsey explains the myths and legends from Egypt makes it easy for the reader to understand and follow the story without needing Google to come to the rescue. The story is paced almost perfectly, while some moments felt a bit slow for my taste, I was never bored. The last part of the book specially keeps you on your toes. ” ~ Cynthia’s review for Daughter of Isis, Goodreads

SonSet_CVR_SML“Seth’s character has really grown on me by about a third of the way into this book. In the first book I didn’t like him and was just beginning to warm up to him. Now I can relate to him much better. He still has a few traits that are less than wanted but with his upbringing it is fully understandable. We get a good view more into his story in this book which was very appreciated. Not to mention he amuses me with his idea of “real food.” Quote:
‘I’m not eating all this healthy junk twenty-four-seven. I need real food too. Chips, soda, jerky…'” ~ Jamie’s review for Son of Set, Goodreads

DaughterIsis_CVR_LRG“As Natti is slowly pulled into Seth’s world, my heart was racing with anticipation of was going to happen to them. Little does Natti know that this boy has the potential to be her undoing or her savor. Seth is of the order of the Sons of Set whose enemy that they strive to eradicate is the Daughters of Isis. So what happens when their worlds collide?” ~ Candy’s review for Daughter of Isis, Goodreads

SonSet_CVR_SML“The fluidity that was displayed in this novel was perfect. I have a really visual imagination and there’s at some points that I forgot that I was reading.

The sexual/romantic tension between Natti and Seth was super intense. I haven’t read about this much sexual/romantic tension since Jennifer Armentrout’s “Obsidian”. If you’re like me and enjoy some (sometimes not so friendly) banter between the two mains, prepare yourself for some hilarious dialogue. Seth and Natti’s characters developed so much throughout this novel and it was such a natural, smooth maturity. Nothing seemed out of place and you really connect to the two.

I loved seeing the different sides of the story. I found that’s what really pulled it together to give you a full understanding of the world that Kelsey created.” ~ Brittany Piazza’s review for Son of Set, Goodreads

SonSet_CVR_SMLSon of Set was a breathtaking, addicting sequel! I adored Kelsey Ketch’s first novel, Daughter of Isis, and I am extremely excited to report that I loved the second book just as much!

The characters are so likable and unique! In the beginning, Natti is shocked and scared after the terrible events in Daughter of Isis. However, she still keeps going and plans to side with the Daughters of Isis against the Sons. I admired her fierceness and determination.

I liked Seth a lot more in this novel. After a lifetime of being taught horrible ideas and lifestyles from his father, Seth is finally realizing how to be a better person. He and Natti made a delightful couple! Also, we make a startling revelation about Seth’s mother that I didn’t see coming!” ~ Emily Anne’s review of Son of Set, Goodreads

To view more wonderful reviews, read a sample of Son of Set, and enter a Goodreads Giveaway of Son of Set, you can find them here:

Daughter of Isis | Son of Set

So what are you waiting for? Tell us what great books have you read this year and nominate your favorite book, characters or author for our year end poll. There will even be a giveaway you could win just in time for the holidays. Nominations close on November 15, 2014 and voting begins on November 20, 2014.

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