{Book Review} Rushing Into Love (Campus Romance #3)

Author: Ashelyn Drake

Genre: NA contemporary romance
Published: April 26th 2014
Pages: 109
Source: E-Book from Author
Available at: Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Goodreads Summary:

As a college junior, Mindy Stanton has no interest in dating a freshman.

That is until Ben Whitmore shows up and serenades his way into her heart at the dorm social she’s running. And after hearing him sing, even Mindy can’t deny that he has a deep, sexy voice that makes her melt.

Even though Mindy makes it clear that she doesn’t date younger guys, Ben pursues her anyway. After all, he doesn’t seem like the typical college freshman, who is only interested in hooking up, partying until he can’t remember his name, or joining a frat. He’s a gentleman, a romantic, and definitely knows all the right things to say to sweep a girl off her feet.

So Mindy drops her guard. She allows herself to fall for him. Before she knows it, Ben is all she can think about. To her, he’s perfect.

But it doesn’t take Mindy long to discover that even the most perfect guys…

Have secrets.

My Rating of this Book – 5 out of 5 stars

My Review:

Rushing into Love has to be one of my favorite stories this year! I loved Mindy in Nothing to Tell, but her story in Rushing into Love reveals the many layers to this girl, including the girl who just wants to find love.

Though I could really relate to Noelle’s sort of luck and clumsy mistakes, I think Mindy was really my soul mate in the series. We are so much alike, always being considered the good girl, follows rules, stays away from trouble. I just glad to see someone like that honestly win out for a change.

Okay, so a small part of me always hoped Mindy and Mike might get together, but I can also understand the whole “We’re better as friends” relationship. However, I would not call Ben my favorite book boyfriend. The whole time he was with Mindy, I just had this constant nagging feeling about him. He was too perfect. He was doing everything a girl would dream a guy to do. Call me suspicious, but I don’t trust men like that. I more trust men like Mike. And my suspicions were right!

I’m just glad the ending was well worth it. Seriously, there were times this novella had my gut all knotted up. The last thing I wanted was Mindy to become completely broken. The only down side, in my opinion, was I felt the ending was rushed (no pun intended).

Overall, I loved the Campus Crush Series, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good New Adult read. 🙂

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