{Book Promo} I Live for the Applause . . .

Performers such as Lady Gaga aren’t the only ones living for the Applause. LOL. With next week being Son of Set‘s Blog Tour, hosted by YA Bound Book Tours, I wanted to share some praise from the few Son of Set reviews so far. 🙂

“A rollercoaster ride, this novel takes off where Daughter of Isis left off and exceeds expectations.” ~ Sophi Frost, 5 stars (see full review)

“I really enjoyed watch Seth growth in this book that he is not all darkness as his father taught him and how Natti helps show him the light with in himself.” ~ Louisa, 5 stars (see full review)

“The sexual/romantic tension between Natti and Seth was super intense. I haven’t read about this much sexual/romantic tension since Jennifer Armentrout’s ‘Obsidian’.” ~ Brittany Piazza, 5 stars (see full review)

“Overall, an enjoyable read with plenty of action. If everything this instalment has been building towards is brought out to play in book three, I think it could be a really intense read.” ~ Liberty Falls Down, 4 stars (see full review)

“Although self-published, this book has obviously been raked through with a fine-tooth comb. The writing perfectly matches that of the books released by any of the big name publishers.” ~ Jenna Does Books, 4.5 stars (see full review + GIVEAWAY!)

And be sure to check out next week’s schedule for the blog tour. There will be reviews, excerpts, character profiles, interviews, guest post, and a AWESOME giveaway. Here’s what next week looks like (note: changes may occur during tour):

May 26: 

May 27:

May 28:

May 29:

May 30:

Hope to see you around next week!!

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