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A.H. Amin, author of the Psychs Series, started a post called My Day in Photos, where he shared his daily life with photographs. I thought this was a pretty awesome idea since it gives a sneak peek into blogger’s and author’s lives. A kind of behind the scenes pass, if you will. I was only waiting for my life to get a little bit more normal. Then again, it hasn’t been normal for a while.

So to start, here is the face I wake up to every morning:


Aggh!! That’s my oldest cat–the warden–getting in my face, again. If Grumpy Cat had a brother, it would be this guy. Not only does he wake me up at 6:00 every morning (including weekends), he sometimes tries getting me up earlier, like at 2:00 AM, to steal my bed.

No sleep for the wicked I suppose. He’s just lucky I love him so much. Hee hee.


After a strong cup of coffee, I head here. This is my office building, where I work as a state agency assistant. Pretty cool looking, don’t you think? What’s really awesome about it is that it’s near my old campus. So my commute is pretty much the same as it use to be.


And this is my desk. Like the Egyptian motif? I’m also the queen of office plants. LOL. Here I mail packages, collect and enter all sorts of data, update old forms, analyze statistics, write reports, update website information, take meeting minutes, put learning material together, answer calls . . . Phew. And I’m only a temp! Though, I am hoping to be hired permanently.


Lunch is my reading time. Though, sometimes it’s also my “making edits” or “checking formatting” time as well.  Whatever I do, I have to make it count since I voluntarily take 30 minute lunches and put the extra time toward leaving earlier. That way I can beat the campus traffic.


And this is the view from the break room. Not bad. Not as good as the upper management offices’ view where you get to see the nature path and pond. Lucky! But beyond the company parking lot, you can see one of the campus buildings where I used to have classes. Sort of.


Aww! What a face! Usually after work, I check email and schedule posts in advance on my blog. However, lately, I’ve been coming home completely wiped. I don’t now if it’s lack of sleep or what, but I’m bone tired. So my other cat–who always seems to feel my pain–is helping me decompress from the day while I just sit back and list to one of my WIP playlists on my laptop.


Everyday, I try to get a walk into my schedule. Today, I decided to treat myself to a gelato and walk at my favorite outdoor mall. I rarely shop any of the stores, really, but I do enjoy the food. This mall is mostly full of different restaurants (Greek, Italian, Mexican) as well as specialty dessert places like GIGI’s Cupcakes. I come for the landscape, though. It’s really beautiful with it’s fountains and looping pathways.


Finally, before bed, I pull out my Surface RT to work on my WIPs while I watch reruns of older shows. I just haven’t found anything interesting on today’s TV. Even NCIS has lost it’s appeal. So tonight, I’m watching House of Anubis, which is a bit young for my taste, but I promised someone I would give it a try. Oh, and look, is that Name of Ra I see on the RT? Oooo. 😀

Yeah, boring life, right? The only thing I really wish I had was more time. But I guess everyone wishes that.

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