Swoon Thursday – Of Darkness and Crowns by Trisha Wolfe

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This week, I’m getting in touch with my dark fantasies with wicked Caben:

Of Darkness and Crowns (Goddess Wars #2) by Trisha Wolfe

His warm breath rolls over my skin as his lips trail the column of my neck. My stomach tightens with anticipation and need. It’s painful and pleasurable, and the mix of fire and nausea war within me. I swallow as he thrusts harder, his fingers digging into my flesh, gripping me closer as his arousal hardens.

Against my will, my body responds, heat igniting between my thighs. I open my eyes; see Caben. Feel him.

Curse the goddesses. Curse everything and everyone. My fingers close around his, and my leg pulls his body seamless along mine. No air between us to breathe, to allow oxygen to my brain to think and rationalize.

Caben flicks his tongue out against my skin, and I close my eyes. “Let me in, Kal.” His hand moves along my leg to caress the back of my thigh as he tightens his hold. The heat from his palm creates a pleasing friction, and I suddenly wish there was nothing between us–no barrier of clothing keeping his skin from touch mine.

Dear God, even evil, he’s still so delicious! I would continue, but I don’t want to give all of it away. LOL. 😉

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