Musical Spark Notes of My Life

Funny how things just hit you. I was driving, listening to my favorite album, to a song that is close to my heart, when a weird realization came to me. In every stage of my life, there has been a song that I connected with and just became part of me. It’s like listening to musical chapters of my life.

Middle School:

Few spark notes on this period of life:

  • Was the second to least popular kid (sad when you know exactly were you stand on the hierarchy).
  • I had lost my father two years before, which apparently gave the councilor reason to label me ‘trouble.’ *Rolls eyes*
  • Only had one real friend at school, the rest were back stabbers.
  • Listened to this song every lunch period to get through it all.
  • Finally stood up to one bully, telling him I didn’t need his crap with everything else. He actually left me alone after that.

High School:

Few spark notes on this period of life:

  • Best years of my life!! Well, so far, at least. 🙂 Despite all the strangeness–but plenty of inspiration for my YA.
  • Awesome teachers, awesome friends, awesome grades!
  • Started writing my first manuscript.
  • Fantasized taking over prep-rallies with this song.


Few spark notes on this period of life:

  • Though I had great friends and some really great classes, university kind of kicked my bum.
  • I freakin’ wigged out over my first ‘D’ on an exam. A ‘D’! Ugh! Stupid Chemistry 101.
  • Had some spells of depression and despair, thinking I was never going to make it though the next semester.
  • I listened to this song reminding myself, though I can wish for a simple life, I just had to keep pushing on.


Few spark notes on this period of life:

  • Loved my classes, hated my project paper.
  • Dreaded any kind of meetings with my professor or the lab.
  • Finally finished my first manuscript, had it rejected by 199 agents and 26 publishers.
  • Had a run of bad luck, including a cracked tooth. Took months before the doctor finally extracted it. Came up with Daughter of Isis the next month.
  • Had to listen to this song every morning just to motivate myself to keep going–which seems to be a theme.


Few spark notes on this period of life:

  • Awesome job! Awesome peeps!
  • Self-published!
  • Still feel something is missing, but I guess it will come when it comes. Probably have a different song for that chapter by then.

And that’s my life in a nut shell, except for my really young years. Even this is really just a brief summary. But oh . . . the stories I could tell. *smiles* Music is a major part of my life. It probably is for everyone. And we all probably connect to one song or another during different stages of our lives. But I just find it interesting to hit rewind and play.

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