Swoon Thursday – The Wicked Within by Kelly Keaton

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This week, I’m SWOONING over:

The Wicked Within (Darkness Becomes Her #3) by Kelly Keaton

Sebastian moved closer and gathered my hair, draping all of it over one shoulder and baring the other. I went to turn toward him. “Don’t,” he commanded in a low voice.

My breath went shallow as he dipped his head and brushed a light kiss on my exposed shoulder, then my neck. His breath was so warm. My fingernails dug into the door as his lips trailed up my neck and to my ear. “I did like it,” he murmured. “I loved it.” His words sent tingles dancing along my nerves. “But it’s a dark thing.” His hand closed around my hip. “I wanted to use you, take everything you had to give until I was satisfied. I almost killed you.”

He turned me to face him. “I almost killed you,” he repeated.

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