{Book Review} Hunting (Hunting Saga #1)

Author: S.M. Hineline

Genre: NA paranormal, fantasy
Published: January 21st 2012
Pages: 146
Source: E-copy from Author
Available at: Amazon

Goodreads Summary:

In the war between humans and vampires… a child will turn the tide.

Thousands of years ago a goddess cursed a family, every 500 years a child of their bloodline would be born a vampire. This child would mean the survival or destruction of the vampire race. And each would do anything to find the child first.

Jade knew nothing of the curse, but when a vampire princess calls, you answer. Now she must do her best to help find the child and save it from the humans who would see it dead. And if that weren’t enough, the princess’ cousin, in an effort to show her unworthy to lead their people, is doing everything in his power to stop them. Even if that means killing them all.

My Rating of this Book – 3 out of 5 stars

My Review:

Overall, Hunting was an intriguing story with a captivating plotline. I liked the adventure, the challenges, and the characters. However, there were a few things I felt detracted from the story. First, I felt the story was kind of bare bones with most of the conversation taking place in the body text rather than in actual dialogue. I think if the novel focused more on dialogue, it would have brought more interaction between the characters to life and I would have felt less like a third party watching from afar.

Second, there could have been a bit more focus on certain characters’ points of views. At the beginning, I really thought this was purely Jade’s story and that the POV would have focused around her. But later there was periods where the POVs were blended in the same chapter, leaving me confused about who I was following.

And finally, the history was a little confusing and the mythology a bit overly complicated. I loved the world S.M. Hineline was building, but the novel has a lot of detail, some of which might have gone a little too in depth. It actually left me left with more questions than answers. Two examples would be: If the first born vampire was to the goddess Bastet in Ancient Egypt (over 5,000 years ago), why did it appear as though the next one born, after 500 years, was during the Roman Empire or maybe a Celtic time period? And if vampires (pure-bloods at least) are born and can walk in the sunlight, why do they still need to sleep in coffins?

The best part of the novel is the characters. I like the different species (vampires, werewolves, sorcerers, and humans) all coming together on this mission. And Jade is awesome! I like her sarcastic attitude and attempts at humor. I only have one wish! I wish she would have some swoon moments with another character, like Mordecai. YUM! Oh, and to see Taurean’s bum kicked. That’s my other wish. LOL.

I can’t wait to read the second novel, Discovery! I got a sneak peek of an excerpt in the first novel, and interestingly enough, the POV appears to have shifted from third to first person. So I’m excited to see were the story leads next!