{Author Interview} S.M. Hineline, Author of Hunting

Today, I am honored to feature an interview with S.M. Hineline, author of the Hunting!

SM Hineline PromoPicI’ve always been an avid reader, but it wasn’t till sometime in my late teens that I picked up an Anne Rice novel.

We were spending a week at our lake cottage in Michigan, and someone had left behind a copy of Lasher.  I read the whole thing in about two days and was hooked.  From then on vampires were my book treat of choice.

If I’m not reading about vampires or werewolves, I’m reading JD Robb’s “In Death” or writing my own spin on vampires.  And when I’m not doing all that, I’m hanging out with my husband, trying to guess what the little person growing inside me might be one day (right now I’m thinking soccer player).

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Tell us something unique about yourself.

I read and write about vampires, a bloody topic, but I can’t stand the sight of blood.  My husband cut his finger once, and I was the one who ended up crying.  I also love scary books with a great villain and a creepy story line, but I would never ever ever watch a horror movie (vampire ones don’t count, but zombies do…yeah, my husband thinks it’s weird too).

What inspired you to become a writer?

I love telling stories, always have.  When I was younger I’d make up stories to tell my little brother, I wrote my own books (well I made mom write them for me, because my handwriting wasn’t great and spelling was never something I was great at) and then I would illustrate them.  As I got older I had less time for writing, but I would always think of story ideas, write them on a scrap of paper, and then tuck them into a dresser drawer.  This became my story drawer, the “sometime when I have time I’ll make those into books” drawer.  I read over most the scraps of paper when I got older, and realized they wouldn’t be great stories, but reading them recharged my desire to write.

What inspired your novel, Hunting? What makes it special?

Hunting was a story I started telling myself to keep entertained at work.  I had a desk job sitting up front, they asked me to make sure I looked busy, but I was really there to answer the phone every once in a while.  I started to write the story, figuring I’d just delete it at the end of the day.  When five o’clock rolled around, I’d written 3 chapters, and was too invested in my characters to delete them.  The story is special because it has a new creation myth, something that’s always my favorite part of exploring a new vampire story.  It also has a sort of tribute to Lasher, there’s a human born vampire baby.

What intrigues you about the world of vampires?

I like everything about vampires.  I like them when they’re the sexy, True Blood style, and I love them when they’re the horrible evil mindless killing machines.  I feel like they’re a great medium for telling all kinds of fantastic stories.  I love that they can have the same aspects in every world we create for them, but that each author gets to give them a unique creation story, abilities, and weaknesses.

Could you tell us a little about your main character, Jade? What was it like writing her story?

Jade’s a funny character.  She’s a human who has been around vampires for most of her life, so she has lost some of what you might consider normal fear of them.  She’s fun to write because she doesn’t take herself, or anyone else, too seriously.  She has issues and drama and can be a hot mess, which makes writing her story really entertaining.

If you could date any one of your characters, who would it be and why?

I’m not sure I’d date anyone yet.  Mordecai is pretty interesting; being a vampire and werewolf half-breed makes him scary and awesome.  But I think he might be more of a friend than someone to date.

Do you have any other books in the works? What are your future goals?

Book #2 in the Hunting Saga is actually coming soon.  It’s called Discovery, and takes Jade and the rest of the hunting party on a search for a serial killer.  The police have called them in because the evidence points to a vampire killer.  If it’s true it will mean trouble for the vampires’ relationship with the United States, the only country still willing to give them their sovereignty.

What advice would you give to an aspiring author?

Write and keep writing.  Ask people for feedback and listen to what they tell you.  Don’t consider a story finished until you’ve had someone give you honest and pointed feedback.  My mom loved my story too, she doesn’t count, find someone who will tell you the brutal truth and help you tear down your story so you can write it back up again.

Where do you like to write?

Everywhere.  I used to live in Millbrae California; I’d commute to work in San Francisco via a thirty-minute train ride.  It was too hard to drag open my laptop (believe me I tried) so I started writing on the note app on my phone.

Which do you prefer: longhand writing or laptop?

I’m a laptop writer.  Sometimes I’ll take notes longhand, but in general I do my best work when I’m sitting on my couch staring at a blank page in a word doc.

What is your favorite genre to read?

YA, new adult, paranormal, romance.  I have a hard time pinning it down.

Cats or dogs?

Dogs.  Cat’s, while I love them, make me sneeze. A lot.

Dinner or dessert?

Dessert, I have a sweet tooth that just won’t stop, it’s been even worse while I’ve been pregnant.

Ice cream or cake?

Ice cream.  Especially if it’s the chocolate kind with a peanut butter stripe in it, yum!

What is the best thing that ever happened to you?

That’s a tough one.  I’ve had so many great things.  I talked my husband into marrying me, he talked me into self-publishing my book, we talked each other into starting a family.  So very many bests…  OH the first time I got a 5 star review from someone I didn’t know, also the best.

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HUNTING_COVERHunting (Hunting Saga #1)

In the war between humans and vampires… a child will turn the tide.

Thousands of years ago a goddess cursed a family, every 500 years a child of their bloodline would be born a vampire. This child would mean the survival or destruction of the vampire race. And each would do anything to find the child first.

Jade knew nothing of the curse, but when a vampire princess calls, you answer. Now she must do her best to help find the child and save it from the humans who would see it dead. And if that weren’t enough, the princess’ cousin, in an effort to show her unworthy to lead their people, is doing everything in his power to stop them. Even if that means killing them all.

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  1. S.M., I’m so glad to “meet” you on this blog today! Like you, I love vampire stories. I don’t particularly like the evil, gory kind who do harm though. I like the hunky heroes who also want a life with a mate and who stay on the right side of the law. I first got introduced to vampire stories by my daughter of all people, with Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series and Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series…and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. But I always enjoy meeting new authors in this genre so that I don’t run out of food for my reading habit. 🙂 jdh2690@gmail.com


  2. jdh2690, I started pretty early with Laurell K as well, my first read was Obsidian Butterfly, and I liked it so much I made it a point to find the first book in the series and read every one. Now I find myself impatiently waiting for each new release, which is why I’m always adding new authors to my list as well (especially now that I’ve finished the last in the Sookie series!). Always great to meet a fellow Vampire lover 🙂


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