{Manic Monday} Weekly Sum Up (46)

Books I Reviewed:

  1. Heartbeat (Heartbeat #1) by Faith Sullivan
  2. Heir to the Lamp (Genie Chronicles #1) by Michelle Lowery Combs

Books I Read (Reviews to Come):

  1. Hunting (Hunting #1) by S.M. Hineline

Books I Purchased:

Books I Received:

  1. The Liberator (Dante Walker #2) by Victoria Scott (ARC for Blog Tour)
  2. Heir to the Lamp (Genie Chronicles #1) by Michelle Lowery Combs (Paperback)


  1. RECEIVE A FREE DAUGHTER OF ISIS BRACELET!!!! (INT) – Open until 12:01 AM August 12th.
  2. Author Interview and Giveaway: Michelle Lowery Combs, Author of Heir to the Lamp (INT) – Open until midnight, July 25th.
  3. Daughter of Isis Cover Reveal Countdown Giveaway #2! (INT) – Open until midnight, July 26th.
  4. Coming this Week: July 2013 Monthly Raffle (INT) – July 23rd –  July 31st.
  5. Coming this Week: Author Interview and Giveaway: S.M. Hineline, Author of Hunting (INT) – July 24th – July 31st.
  6. Coming this Week: Daughter of Isis Cover Review Countdown Giveaway #3 (INT) – July 25th – Aug 1st.

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