{Book Review} Heir to the Lamp (Genie Chronicles #1)

Author: Michelle Lowery Combs

Genre: YA fantasy
Published: July 16th 2013
Publisher: World Weaver Press
Pages: 190
Source: ARC from Author
Available at: Amazon Barnes & Noble

Goodreads Summary:

A family secret, a mysterious lamp, a dangerous Order with the mad desire to possess both.Ginn used to think she knew all there was to know about how she became adopted by parents whose #1 priority is to embarrass her with public displays of affection, but that changes when a single wish starts a never-ending parade of weirdness marching through her door the day she turns thirteen.

Gifted with a mysterious lamp and the missing pieces from her adoption story, Ginn tries to discover who…or what…she really is. That should be strange enough, but to top it off Ginn’s being hunted by the Order of the Grimoire, a secret society who’ll stop at nothing to harness the power of a real genie. Ginn struggles to stay one step ahead of the Grimms with the help of Rashmere, Guardian of the lamp and the most loyal friend a girl never knew she had. The Grimms are being helped, too—but by whom? As much as she doesn’t want to, Ginn’s beginning to question the motives of her long-time crush Caleb Scott and his connection to her newest, most dangerous enemy.

My Rating of this Book – 4 out of 5 stars

My Review:

Filled with magic, curses, and mystery, Heir to the Lamp is a spellbinding journey about a young girl’s path to self-discovery. It’s unique, funny, and enthralling. But as great as the plotline was, it’s the characters are what make the story, particular Ginn, Rushmere, and Caleb.

Though still in her pre-teens, Ginn’s not all about her, like I have seen in some other young YA main characters. Actually she was quite a spit-fire when it comes to looking out for her friends and family. And I found her though girl attitude engaging.

Rushmere was especially cool, and though I thought his entrance was a little weak, I quickly grew to like him. As for Caleb, I had a hard time not liking him, even when I started having my doubts about his loyalties. But hey, I’m a sucker for a copper haired boy with turquoise eyes. I just wished there was more of him in the storyline. I felt his appearances were far and few between.

The other best part of Heir to the Lamp was Ginn’s adoptive family. They are a unique blend of different personalities and characteristics, and together, they bring forth an unusual, refreshing dynamic to young adult literature. I enjoyed reading about them and would actually love to learn a little more about each of these family members. I hope there is more information in future books.

As for the plotline, I found it really enjoyable. There were just a few scenes and events I wasn’t really sure why they were necessary to the plot. The first being her little brother stealing the lamp to bring to school. As entertaining as the event was, I almost felt like this was an unnecessary obstacle for Ginn to face. And her case of pink eye near the end, I just kind of didn’t see any true purpose in it. I almost felt it could have been replaced or just drop entirely from the scene. It didn’t hold any value.

In all, I couldn’t put this novel down. I would definitely recommend Heir to the Lamp and I personally can’t wait to read the next book! Especially if there is more Rushmere and Caleb in it!