{Book Review} Heartbeat (Heartbeat #1)

Author: Faith Sullivan

Genre: NA contemporary
Published: February 5th 2013
Pages: 165
Source: E-book from Author
Available at: Amazon Barnes & Noble

Goodreads Summary:

Katie and Adam are afraid of love.

She carries the scars of a first kiss gone terribly wrong.
He uproots his life to flee the stinging betrayal of an ex.

When trust is no longer an option, all romance is suspect.

As a young paramedic, Adam rescues people for a living but cannot save himself. Katie, just out of high school, struggles with a tortured home life she cannot escape.

Everything changes when Katie hops into the front seat of Adam’s ambulance. Overwhelmed by what they are feeling, neither possess the confidence to make the first move. They walk away from each other, full of regret.

To find her, Adam risks his future. To be with him, Katie sacrifices her security.

Little do they know, what little time they do have, is being measured by a heartbeat that is slowly dying out.

My Rating of this Book – 4 out of 5 stars

My Review:

Heartbeat was an emotional and powerful novel. It’s a story about two broken souls, and the time of a single heartbeat changes their lives forever.

Admittedly, I found the first half a bit dull. Adam and Katie only meet for a short time in the first few chapters. From there, the reader experiences each character through their separate lives and how that one moment had affected them. But as interesting as learning about the character was, all I wanted was them to finally be together! I kept waiting and waiting . . .

But it was so worth it! In the second half of Heartbeat, the plot turned into a spinning whirlwind of emotions and action. They were finally together, but not everything was well and dandy. Actually, I loved the realistic challenges both Adam and Katie had to face and how their love was continually tested.

It was the ending that stopped my heart. The last two chapter complete threw me for a loop. At first, I was just in complete shock, then in complete disbelief, and finally, a day later, in tears. But as gut wrenching as the ending was, I felt it’s still an amazing novel, especially if it could affect me as strongly as it did.

If you haven’t added Heartbeat to your list, I highly recommend it, along with a box of tissues as you near the end. 🙂