{Swoon Thursday} Elegy by Tara Hudson

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This week, I’m SWOONING over:

Elegy (Hereafter #3) by Tara Hudson

That one smile changed everything. After a smile like that, I had to go along with Ruth’s plan. Mostly because I couldn’t imagine a world-living or beyond-that didn’t include Joshua’s smile. And I knew, deep down, that the demons would eventually come for him. How could they not, if they really wanted me to say yes?

So it didn’t matter that I might lose my own afterlife. It didn’t matter that I would have to think, hard, of a way to save the people I cared about before Ruth trapped them in the netherworld forever. All that mattered at that moment was that I loved Joshua, and I wanted him safe.

Without another thought, I leaped off the porch, ran down the path that the recoiling Seers made for me, and threw myself into Joshua’s open arms. I didn’t even have time to register his arms around me before I planted a kiss on his waiting mouth.

It wasn’t until he kissed me back that my brain finally processed the miracle: I could feel him again.

Hereafter has been one of my favorite series. I’m going to be in tears when it’s over!

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31 thoughts on “{Swoon Thursday} Elegy by Tara Hudson

  1. Oh, I’ve been wanting to read this series. It sounds amazing!
    Thanks for stopping by my swoon. 🙂

    Holly @ Part of that World


  2. Awww such a sweet scene Kelsey! I love when there are two characters you know are meant to be together, and when they finally do it’s so AMAZING!!

    Thanks for visiting My Swoon


  3. Well this was certainly swoon worthy!!!

    I love the meme too, what a neat idea…


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