{Swoon Thursday} Free Souls by Susan Kaye Quinn

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This week, I’m SWOONING over:

Free Souls (Mindjack Trilogy #3) by Susan Kaye Quinn

“A promise?” I smirked and shook my head in mock chastisement. “Anna wouldn’t approve.” His promise-making got under his sister’s skin, but I thought it was part of what drew people to him.

His smile made me suddenly aware of how close w were, whispering on the stage together, his hand warming my shoulder. The idea of inappropriate hugs crossed my mind again. I should have pulled back, but I saw an opening in the way his eyes were lit with promises and  possibilities.

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9 thoughts on “{Swoon Thursday} Free Souls by Susan Kaye Quinn

  1. Diety by Jennifer L Armentrout for sure. So far that is my favorite book in the Covenant series. I hope Sentinel tops that list!


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