{Happy New Year} A 2012 Sum Up and 2013 Ketch’s Wish List

As you can tell from the new décor, IT’S A BRAND NEW YEAR! YAY! We survived 2012!

Anyway, I don’t want to make this long. I just thought, being a new year and all, that I would sum up some of the goals I completed last year and list a few for the next.

Completed Items in 2012:

  1. Read and Review 50 Novels: I’m happy to announce that I actually read 59 novels this year as well as posted 51 reviews. For this year, my new goal will be to read and review 75 novels.
  2. Join Tennis Lessons: I did get to enjoy a little while over the summer, until a minor injury put me on the side lines for the rest of the season. But I totally plan to rejoin next spring!
  3. Complete A Son of Set (The Descendants of Isis #2): YES! I finished up the manuscript just this past month, ending with 91,672 words and 317 pages! If you want to check out a quick summary, click here.
  4. Finish Up My Masters’ Degree: *Do the happy dance! Woot! Woot!* Sorry, this was a major triumph this year considering everything I went through. But don’t worry, I won’t bore you with details. 😀

Incompleted Items in 2012:

  1. Travel to Egypt: With current affairs, I wasn’t able to go explore the ancient pyramids and temples I’ve been dying to see.  *Kicks the ground in disappointment.* But I’ll roll this goal from year to year until I finally have an opportunity (and funding) to actually visit.
  2. Get A Daughter of Isis (The Descendants of Isis #1) Published: Though considered incompleted for the year 2012, looking to publish A Daughter of Isis (The Descendants of Isis #1) is actually still in progress. My manuscript submission has been with a publisher for a while now, and I hope to hear something in the next couple of months. So… keep your fingers crossed. 🙂

Some New Goals for 2013:

  1. Personal: Well, since I’m now out of school, I guess getting a job would be one. 😛 Okay, not the most enjoyable process, but I do hope to find something soon – even a part time job.
  2. Writing: I’ll be mainly focusing on The Name of Ra (The Descendants of Isis #3) and Rise of the Hem-netjer (Descendants of Isis#0.5) this year. I’m also going to be optimistic and plan to start Short Circuit (a YA Sci-fi) later this year.
  3. Blogging: I plan on averaging three posts a week (at the very most a “Weekly Sum Up” and maybe two reviews). I’ve also started the New Trailer Tuesdays, which I will be posting as I find new releases to share. In addition, I plan on signing up for more cover reveals, maybe even a blog tour or two, if I can swing it. Oh, and giveaways! Lots and LOTS of giveaways!

So, that’s the plan, man! 😀 Have a Happy New Year, and may all your wishes come true!

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  1. Nice work – obviously a productive year – may all your dreams for 2013 come true. Hope for peace in the middle east so you can see the pyramids.


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