Mid-Winter’s Eve Giveaway Poll

As you have seen in the past, I’ve been trying to give my readers a choice of a list of books for each giveaway, typically from a theme of some sort. Unfortunately, I’ve been trying to think which books to feature in next week’s Mid-Winter’s Eve Giveaway Hop (INT), starting December 20th, and coming up dry. So I thought, instead of a theme, I let you decided which books will be part of the giveaway! Cool right?

I’ve come up with six young adult titles (listed below).

Vote on the one you most want see as part of the giveaway. If you don’t see a title you like, you also have the option of writing one in – please remember, it must be young adult, and be sure to list the author!

The poll will run from December 14th (today) through the 06:00 PM EST, December 18th. Once the votes are in, I will take the top three as the featured novels of the giveaway.

Thanks for your help!

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