{Book Review} How to Marry an Alien (My Alien Romance #3)

Author: Magan Vernon

Genre: YA science-fiction, fantasy
Published: November 18th 2012
Publisher: Calta Press
Pages: 272
Source: Ebook from Author
Available at: Amazon Barnes & Noble

Goodreads Summary:

Alex’s interstellar relationship has finally been sealed in the eyes of the human world, so now she can move on to her next step: college.

With Ace by her side and a new piece of jewelry on her finger, she thinks she is ready for anything. Well, almost anything.
Her new roommate holds a dangerous link to her past that Alex isn’t sure if she can handle. Then there is the whole alien fiancé thing. Every time she tries to get closer to Ace, he seems to pull further away. Top that off with a full summer class load and a few more alien attacks and it’s just another day for Alex.

Except this time she isn’t sure if marrying an alien will be the happy ending she’s hoping for.

My Rating of this Book – 4 out of 5 stars

My Review:

How to Marry an Alien was intriguing from page one – Alex is off to college, and Ace has proposed! There wasn’t much of an adventure or mystery about the attacks on the alien/ human couple – not like the first two novels – but the novel did tend toward more drama related to the relationship and the tension it created.

First thing I noticed was that some of the characters changed a bit in How to Marry an Alien. Alex for the better, but Ace seemed a little more “alien” in this novel than usual. I found this odd considering he’s been on Earth since World War II. But as I read, I realized that I actually don’t know much about his past. He seems to keep it locked up inside, even from Alex. Maybe if he opened up more or if there were a few chapters with his POV, I would understand him better.

Also, I liked Lucy and Riley. They were wonderful characters in this novel, especially Lucy, who seemed like a breath of fresh air. The only thing I was getting tired of the continued comparison of Lucy and Riley’s relationship to Alex and Ace’s. It was overdone, and eventually, I felt the comparison was beating a dead horse.

Finally, there was one thing I wasn’t that thrilled about with in this novel: the last chapter where the villain, or villains, that were trying to destroy Ace and Alex finally revealed themselves. I felt things happened to drastically, especially since it wasn’t really focused on throughout the novel. Not to mention that, it was really hard for me to understand their motives for attacking Ace and Alex in the first place, especially with the sudden turnabout in the last few pages.

All in all, How to Marry an Alien was a sweet conclusion to the My Alien Romance Trilogy. Truly, I did enjoy it, and I would say it’s my favorite of the entire series.

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