Spreading the Love of YA Giveaway

Why do I love YA?

Well, first off, I love the stories! As a writer and reader, I love the innocence, the challenges, the writing. The characters are constantly growing, learning the hard lessons of life and love – all the while trying to just get through the hallways of high school. Second, it keeps me feeling young. It’s like a connection to some of the best years of my life. And finally, the YA community. Over the past three years, I have met some of the best people: authors, readers, bloggers… It’s been an amazing adventure. One I never want to end.

Which brings me to the giveaway. Beth Revis, author of the Across the Universe series, is giving away a library of signed books! Yes! A LIBRARY of SIGNED books! Take a look at the collection:

How totally awesome, right? So here is what you do:

But to get the big entries, you need to share your love of YA. It’s simple! Make a blog post (or FB note, or whatever) and let the world know: Why do you love YA? You can write about the genre itself, or about a favorite author, or about a favorite book. It’s wide open: just let the world know why you love YA! The only requirement is that you also include the above graphic and a link back to the contest. So spread the word!

Click here for more information and enter yourself!