{Book Review} Psychs (Psychs #1)

Author: A.H. Amin

Genre: Adult paranormal thriller
Published: September 26th 2012
Publisher: Author House
Pages: 211
Source: Ebook from Author

Barnes and Noble Summary:

It started with a feeling, followed by a realization, then ended up into a future. All that started by the tragic event of his (Hassan’s) birth and revealed by a near death, and ever since, he had never been alone.

Sequential events started to occur in two cities, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, escalating into chaos. At that point, he finds himself in an enigma he’s not aware of its cause. Using his miraculous gift, which gave him knowledge and guarded him, he will be placed in that chaos to try and figure out the truth, and for that, he is being marked.

In these perilous times, he can only hope for a miracle, other than the one he has.

My Rating of this Book – 4 out of 5 stars

My Review:

Psychs has truly the most unique style I have read so far in a novel. It’s a mixture of a first-person account from Hassan’s point of view during a modern timeline and an omnipresent third-person view of events that are occurring ten years into the future. At first, the style completely threw my head into a wild spin. I wasn’t exactly sure who I was supposed follow or where I was in the timeline. But as I settled into the plotline, I found it intriguing how everything was falling into place and the thrilling action fully captured my attention.

I enjoyed a lot of the characters, but out of all of them, Hassan and Elizabeth were my favorites. I especially loved it when they were together, which unfortunately seemed short lived. I liked how Elizabeth made Hassan feel and how she accepted who he was. A part of me even hopes, though I don’t expect it, maybe she and Hassan will meet once again in a later novel.

There was only one other thing I was disappointed in: the sparse character descriptions. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have noticed if it wasn’t for Adam – another character that actually sent shivers down my spine. When he had mentioned that Hassan had a face no one would forget, I realized I didn’t have a clear picture of what Adam was talking about. I had a default picture in my head, but I just started to wonder. Was there a scar? A certain feature? A reflection in his eyes?

In conclusion, Psychs is a wonderful thriller!  Its action and suspense kept me glue to my seat, and I would definitely recommend it!

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