Daemon Invasion 2.0: Nominate Your City for the Opal Release Party!

The hottest alien returns to America.

But where?

On November 3rd, Entangle Publishing will be choosing 5 cities to put up a vote for fans to decide where the final city in which they’ll host the OPAL Release Party with Jennifer L. Armentrout and – okay, people, swooning time – Daemon! YES!! The model from the covers of The Lux Series will be there! *SQUEAL*

I nominated Cary, North Carolina!!! Of course, right. I live here. And I so want to meet Jennifer L. Armentrout, and meeting Pepe Toth, the model, would be an extra bonus. But I really think it would be great to have the release party here at the local Barnes and Noble, which happens to be right across from Cary High School.

Anyway, the Barnes and Noble here in Cary is my sanctuary! Every week I go to café there to think and write on my latest manuscript because of the wonderful atmosphere and the unique design of the building is inspiring. I sit in the café, which is center of the store and open to view all the bookshelves that surround it. I even like to daydream I’m with the masters that are painted over the café, and just watch the crowds. And the people that work at our Barnes and Noble are great! I love chatting with them while I browse the shelves for a good book to read.

But the party doesn’t have to be at Barnes and Noble, though that would be my dream come true. Cary has other bookstores here. Also Cary is between Durham and Raleigh, two of North Carolina’s larger cities here in the Triangle. So in my view, it’s a great location. And it’s beautiful, no matter the time of year!

Well, that’s my thoughts, but I’m not selfish. I’ll be happy with whichever city wins the contest. Maybe it will be close enough I can even drive over. My college courses should be finished by then. If you want to nominate your city, be sure to check out the site, http://www.entangledinromance.com/2012/10/02/daemon-invasion/, and enter!

Here how it works:

  1. Create your best content explaining why Entangled Publishing should come there
  2. Fill out the simple form on their page
  3. Tweet the nomination and BAM!, you’ve nominated your city

Good Luck to Everyone!!!

One thought on “Daemon Invasion 2.0: Nominate Your City for the Opal Release Party!

  1. Kelsey-
    I LOVE Cary, NC. It is a perfect town and Barnes and Noble is a great place to shop or sip at the cafe’ . I hope Entangled picks Cary – I will make sure I attend!


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