Query/ Submission/ Life Update

Wow, the months are just slipping through my fingers. First July, then August, and now, September. Ugh, why does time have to fly? Anyway, I already told you about finishing up the second draft of A Son of Set (The Descendants of Isis #2). *happy dance* But the other thing I had been focused lately on is my paper for my graduate school, which I’m working to get done so I can hopefully defend next month and graduate this December. *knocks on wood*

Because of those two things, I had dropped my blog reviews and my queries for A Daughter of Isis (The Descendants of Isis #1) in order to catch up a bit. But now that things are finally falling into place, I actually have time to get back into the swing of things. To start off with, I have one submission for my novel from earlier this summer that I need to check up on. I’m actually hoping to hear something soon, so keep your fingers crossed. In the meantime, I decided to prepare for more queries, reworking my letter and all, just in case. And never been one for sitting around, I’m also squeezing in some time for my reviews again (which I’ve already started last week). In addition, I’m signed up for several giveaway hops in the next few months, which should keep me a little busy. And I’m already typing away on my third and final The Descendants of Isis novel and preparing my defense for school.

Phew! Sounds like a lot, right? But really, I know it all get done. I just have to keep marching on. 😀 Wish me luck!

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