Partial Blog Vacation

Hey, everyone! I have great news. Or, at least, I see it as great news. I’m nearing the end of my first draft for my manuscript, A Son of Set (The Descendants of Isis #2). Yay! But since I’m so close to getting this novel out to my beta readers, I decided that I’m going to take a little break from my book reviews.

While I’m not exactly sure when I will return to my regular schedule posts, I promise to still be hanging around. I’m holding two giveaways in the month of August. One will be a monthly raffle starting on the 1st; the second will be a part of the ‘Young Adult Giveaway Hop,’ hosted by I AM A READER, NOT A WRITER and READING TEEN, which starts on August 8th. Also, in mid-August, I’ll be a part of Magan Vernon’s ‘My Paper Heart Blog Tour,’ so I’ll definitely be around for the celebration of her new book release.

So that’s the news! I wish you all the best and I hope to see you around for the giveaways and blog tour.


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