Book Blogger Hop: July 6-13


This Week’s Question:

If you could be a character from any book, who would you be?

If I was a character from any book, it would have to be Calla Tor from the Nightshade Series by Andrea Cremer. Okay, so you might be thinking that this is a typical Upper Young Adult (or New Adult) werewolf/shapeshifter based novel. Actually, it’s really not. It’s a great series, full of adventure, mystery, and betrayal. And Calla is the heart and soul of the novel.

Calla has kind of a snarky personality. A bit rough around the edges, you could say. But deep down, there is another side of her; one looking for justice against her old masters, who enslaved her kind and threaten the lives of everyone she loves. I enjoy her deadly instincts and the enhanced abilities, such as sensitive smell, sight, hearing, and touch. It gives her an edge in the battles and trials she has to face. The coolest part, however, is when she shifts, it’s not that half man, half wolf looking things like in old, classic movies. No. When she shifts, she becomes a beautiful white wolf.

The only difference between Calla and me is that there’s no contest who I would pick to be my alpha mate. It’s Shay all the way, man! Ren can just go stuff himself.

So, how about you? What character would you be?

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