Book Blogger Hop: June 15-21

Book Blogger Hop

Hi! – It’s been a while since I’ve been part of the Book Blogger Hop and thought I might try again. So, here we go:

This weeks question:

Do you belong to a book club, either online or in real life?

Ah, no, actually. Being focused on my school work most my life, I never really got into the habit of joining other activities such as Book Clubs or Sports.  If fact, it wasn’t until recently that I actually got into tennis lessons. Anyway, I mostly read on my free time now, and then discuss the books I read with my friends either on goodreads or in real life. I also express my opinions and feedback on my blog, hoping to enlighten the positive and negative aspects I found while I read a novel.

Since I love to write Young Adult, my focus reading is mostly Young Adult novels, but I once in a while pick up a Middle Grade or Adult Fiction as well. I list all my reviews under the little tab above labeled ‘Book Reviews A-Z.’

Thanks for visiting! I’ll definitely stop by as many blogs as I can over the next week – so keep an eye out for my comments. LOL.

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10 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop: June 15-21

  1. Like you Kelsey, I am not part of a book club, but I tried it onces at work and I just couldn’t get into it. Now I rely on friends and Good Reads for recommendations.


  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier today. I enjoyed looking thru your blog and found some books I think my daughter would like. I have not read too many young adults books but am not opposed to trying some.


  3. Blogging is sort-of like a book group. It’s a way to share your feelings about what you’ve read and get some feedback. I’ve joined two book groups pretty recently and enjoy them quite a bit for the social interaction- as well as the chance to read books I wouldn’t necessarily have picked to read on my own.


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