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I am honored to have Marcie Turner, editor at Looking Glass Editing Service, guest posting for me today. I’ve been following Marcie at her other website, 2 Read or Not 2 Read, as well as on Goodreads and Twitter for the past two years. And when Marcie recently announced that she was breaking into editing services, I became very excited and decided to invite her here to talk more about her new business. So, be sure to check out her new site and to follow her via twitter!


Thank you for inviting me on today to talk about my new website, Looking Glass Editing Services.

As a longtime reader and book reviewer, I realize how important the editing process is. Nothing is more distractive to a reader than a book that is riddled with errors. One of the reasons I decided to go into editing is that I’ve come across several manuscripts that were good books but they needed a good editor.

I realize how expensive editing services can be, especially for self-published, independent, and small publishers.  This is who my services are geared towards. My goal is to offer affordable editing services to authors. I want to help authors turn their manuscripts into polished gems. My services include proofreading, researching, light copy editing to heavy copy editing.

  • Proofreading service includes: checking for spelling errors, typos, grammar and usage errors, and inconsistencies.
  • Light Copy Editing service includes: correcting inconsistencies in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar usage, flag confusing language, flag information that seems incorrect.
  • Heavy Copy Editing service includes: correcting errors and inconsistencies in grammar, syntax, and usage, flag overused figures of speech or jargon, check information that seems incorrect, suggest changes or fix discrepancies and conflicts in content.
  • Research service includes: helping with research projects.

I have been editing and proofreading on the side for a few years but I thought it’s time to take it to the next level. My love for reading has fueled this desire to help others in their publishing endeavors.

Please be sure to check out my website at http://lookingglassediting.blogspot.com/ or follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/#!/LGEditing.

As a thank you for having me on Ketch’s Book Nook I would like to offer your readers a 50% discount for this week only. My contact information is available on my website. Just write KBN in the subject line to receive this discount.

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  1. Editing is SOOO important. The expense of editing is the major drawback to self-publishing, in my opinion. Good luck with the new business!


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