No, I Haven’t Gone Missing: New Novel Research

Yes! She lives!!!! I know I have been offline for quite a while now. But my little co-writer (my cat) and I have been so immersed in this new series I’ve started. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten Death’s Curse! But this next book has just completely runaway with my imagination and I just have to get it down on paper. So, I’ll give you a hint what the book is based on. Just look at the photo to the right. Yep! I’ve gone ancient Egyptian style. Well, actually the novel has a modern setting, but the two main characters find themselves caught in a struggle that started way back in ancient Egyptian times. It’s going to be a dark romance mixed with adventure, mystery, and horror.

Okay, so I’m going to confess something to you. Though I absolutely love the ancient structures, the makeup, and the clothing, I am bloody scared of the ancient Egyptian culture. It’s true; their concepts scare the living daylights out of me, especially their mummification rituals, the curses laid on tombs, and their thoughts on the afterlife and Duat. Which is why I will never watch The Mummy, even though one of my favorite actors is in it. That movie would scare me to death, I just know it. Eek! But I’m still captivated by the general research, and my fears are just giving the plot interesting twists.

In terms of research, I’ve been learning Hieroglyphics (how to read and write – and yes I am nuts, LOL), offerings rituals and spells (which is a big part of the book), different beliefs, and of course all the gods and goddesses. My little co-writer has also been very helpful in finding information. You can see from his picture that he’s really gotten into the part. Though, I’m not very happy that he broke into my makeup kit. LOL.

This book has also forced me to pull out my absolute favorite Science Fiction movie, StarGate! I loved the novel when I read it way back in eighth grade and I practically grew up with the movie. And though my novel is not Science Fiction, it really is the best inspiration. Especially listening to the language they used for ancient Egyptian. And in my opinion, this movie has one of the best villains I ever seen – Ra. Ra just blows my mind, especially his eyes. I love the effect when he gets enraged.

All in all, this research has turned my fear into a fascination, swallowing me whole. Have I conquered my fear? No, unfortunately. I’m still scared to death of the whole thing. But I never conquered my fear of spiders, horses, or even death while writing Death’s Island either. Has it helped me understand my fear and helped my writing for this novel? Yes. And I can’t wait to see the finished product!


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  1. Kelsey, this is so exciting! We just saw a Cleopatra exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum (your co-writer would love it). I CANNOT WAIT to read this next novel of yours!


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