November Writing Inspiration

Okay, things have really turned around this month and now my mind is buried under more awesome ideas and concepts for novels. I’m, of course, focusing on Death’s Curse (DI3), which is coming along nicely. As I had also mentioned I’ve also been outlining chapters for my book on the Lost Colony, another single novel, and now I’ve thought of another concept for a series (which I’m really excited about, but I don’t want to give too much away right now since it’s still a baby). But, as these ideas have been running through my head (and at time it feels like they are literary running through my head sort of like a freight train), I’ve been finding a lot of writing inspiration and I decided to share my top picks of the month.

Music is the biggest thing that inspires me while I write, so naturally, I start a playlist the moment I begin a concept. If you saw my Media Player, there are like 11 WIP playlists so far. It’s a part of my outlining process. But, sometimes there’s just one song that wraps up the concept or mood of the book. I definitely found that for Death’s Curse (DI3) in ‘Die Another Day’. I know it’s a Bond theme song, but it’s just fits perfectly with all the torment I’m putting my poor characters through, especially Meriden. I know, I’m so bad.
Die Another Day:
The second song of the month is actually for my latest concept for a series. It’s a combination of two tracks by the Alan Parson’s Project. Interesting fact, these two tracks, ‘Sirius’ and ‘Eye in the Sky’, I have been listening to since I was a baby. Truth! My parents use to play them all the time and they’re still my favorites even today. So it was cool when I had an awesome dream that sparked the idea of the series and these two tracks linked perfectly to the concept.
Sirius/Eye in the Sky:
Now, what’s writing inspiration without some eye candy, right? I don’t usually find many people who look like the characters I describe, especially guys! But it doesn’t mean I don’t like to surf IMDB once and while to see if I find someone. And these three fine young men are the closest I’ve ever found before – maybe about a 95% match. I’m not going to give away who I picture for whom or for what book, but I wanted to share their names: Chace Crawford, Chandler Massey, and Derek Hough.

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