Like Pulling Teeth

So, for the past month and a half I’ve been suffering pain from a cracked molar. Very painful, and apparently it was hitting a nerve because I could hardly smile. The dentist was good about the whole thing, trying to fix it with a crown at first to see if we could save the tooth. The thing was, the tooth clearly didn’t want to stay in my mouth, even with the crown. So, today, it was extracted.

As always, I decided to look at this as a learning experience and here are the three things I learned today:

  1. Thanks to the nitric oxide, I learned what an out of body experience probably feels like. My body was completely numb, yet my mind was awake analyzing everything. I had to write the experience down once I got home so I could use it in a book one day.
  2. I learned that I am totally not a vampire! The blood in my mouth just tasted nasty! I mean, honestly, gross-ville!
  3. And, finally, I learned that I can no long use the phrase, “like pulling teeth”. The whole thing was painless, and the tooth just popped out – like I said, it clearly didn’t want to stay. I’ll have to start using “like a cracked tooth” instead. Now that’s painful!

Well, as you can guess, all is now good in the world of Ketch. I just have to take it easy for a little while.

3 thoughts on “Like Pulling Teeth

  1. Kelsey, I’m so glad that the procedure was easier than you expected and that now you won’t have that nasty tooth pain!

    Someday I’ll tell you my story about getting a root canal… on the wrong tooth!
    ~ Lisa


  2. Where have you been? I haven’t gotten a post from you in ages!! So sorry about the tooth. I had that happen, but they were able to save the tooth. I had to have a root canal. Then they had to do surgery on the gum to reveal more of the tooth so there would be enough tooth to attach the crown to. Frankly, next time, I’ll just have the tooth pulled. It was in the back, no one would really see it and it probably cost me a lot more. I lost forty pounds that year b/c of it. Now that part, I didn’t mind!

    Hope you’re feeling better.



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