My New E-Reader

Okay, so, I have a new addition to my bookshelf! Can you see it? Here, let me show you instead!

Yep! I got the latest Barnes and Noble Nook (the e-ink, not the color). And there is a kind of fun story behind how I got it. You see, it was a gift from my mum, but let me start from the beginning.

It was Tuesday evening and I was meeting my mum to have dinner at the Barnes and Noble Café. It’s one of our favorite haunts. So, I decided to take the opportunity to ask a few more questions I had about the Nook. Well, I waited, but no one was coming to help at the service counter. Figuring I come back later, I started off when suddenly a black cricket jumped into my path. Surprised and confused that a cricket even got into the store, I picked up the little creature, asked my mum to wait for me at the Nook serves desk, and took the cricket out to a patch of grass. When I got back, my mum was already speaking to the salesman.

She redirected his attention to me and I was able to ask all my questions. After he answer each one with great clarity, he went ahead and began showing me all the bells and whistles of the B&N Nook including the touch screen, how I can shop from any available wifi, and how to change font and format. What really made me drool, though, was the fact I can download PDF files for class and he showed me how I can take notes and highlight passages (I wonder what my teachers will think when I start using it for my classwork?). And, my local B&N offers classes every Monday to help me understand all the workings of my new Nook and to answer any further questions I had. Yeah, my jaw dropped.

Still, even after all that and reading the article Lisa sent me, I was about to walk away. I turned to my mum and said, “Well, I’m saving my pennies.” In other words “I’m finished.” Also, it’s true, since I just paid my tuition and book for this semester.

My mum stared at me in disbelief, “Well, we can consider it an early birthday present.”

I was in shock! First, my birthday is like in three months, so early is right! Second, she was offering to by this e-reader for me right that second (which is higher in price than any other birthday gift I would have asked for). I asked the salesman for a few minutes to think. He agreed with a smile then whispered, “I would take that offer though.”

My mum teased as I pulled her aside, “The offer is only good for the next ten minutes.”

Alright, I knew it was a joke, but my mind was spinning. After a brief talk and promising I wouldn’t ask for anything else for my birthday when it came, she purchased the Nook with a protective jacket and warranty.

As we walked out (actually I was skipping, I felt like a little kid again), she smiled at me, “So, I guess that was your lucky cricket.”

After a moment, I laughed, realizing she was referring to the insect I had saved before the entire Nook event happened.

So, I’ve had my Nook now for a day and I have to say I’m in love! And I want to say thank you for all your help and support!

7 thoughts on “My New E-Reader

  1. Congrats on getting the Nook, Kelsey!! You are going to love it I’m sure (your bank account might not..LOL). As is true with all e-readers, a whole new world has opened up and having access to your favorite books at a touch of a button is amazing! By the way, your mom sounds pretty awesome…:=)


  2. Love the red cover! Congratulations – and woo hoo to Mom!
    I’ve got some bling to dress up your Nook – shoot me an email with your address and I’ll send some to you. (My email should be in your wordpress subscription list 😎
    Be sure and put B&N gift certificates on your Christmas list. 8-D


  3. Yay !I like your mum more every time you write about her! (and that cricket was lucky that you were in its path instead of someone less warm-hearted)

    So, I finished the Kindle formatting and the paperback formatting for Oscar, and next on my list is ePub. So, if I send you the file (when it’s ready), will you tell me if it looks okay on your Nook? 😉


  4. Congratulations on your B&N Nook purchase, Kelsey, I’m sure you’ll have years of enjoyment with your new e-reader! And I absolutely adore the red cover–so HOT! 🙂

    I use Apple’s iBooks, which does fine for me as I have an iPod touch to keep me out of trouble. It is a rather small device to read from, but I like the fact I can carry it in my pocket without worrying about bulkiness. The only thing I miss with this device is the paper-quality display the Nook has cuz after an hour or so, my eyes want to fall on to my lap without much effort.

    Thanks for the great words about the Nook, I’ll definitely will look into it as an alternative to what I’m utilizing today for my reading pleasure!


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