A Nook or a Kindle? That is the Question…

I’ve been fighting it long enough!  I am thinking about buying an e-reader.  The most compelling reason is that if I do buy an e-reader, I can finally read my friends’ novels that have been (or going to be) e-published.

So, the question is, as I pull my hair out trying to decide, should I purchase a Nook or a Kindle? I’ve been looking at the prices and trying to gather some information from the local salesmen, but I’m still not sure. I don’t need the fancy extras like the ability to surf the internet or even color. I just need something with a readable screen (that works indoors and outdoors) and that is reliable.

Any advice? What would you recommend?

9 thoughts on “A Nook or a Kindle? That is the Question…

  1. I have a kindle on love it! Here are some of the things that swayed me to my purchase:

    -You don’t have to have a credit card to buy books. I think you need one for the Nook?
    -It was announced recently that soon libraries are going to have kindle friendly e-books for people to check out.
    -Super long battery life.
    -I highly recommend going for 3g service. You don’t think you’re going to use it but if you have it, you’ll use it more than you think! {At least that was my experience}
    -You really can read Kindle’s screen everywhere.


  2. I also have a kindle and love it. You can get one for just over $100 I think, if you don’t mind some ads and are happy downloading over wifi instead of using a cellular connection. I haven’t seen what the ads look like, so I don’t know how intrusive they are. Price is probably not the deciding factor, though, the books are.

    I’d look at the availability of the books you want to read first. I can only speak for Kindle, but it accesses Amazon’s huge database of books. If you like classics, there’s a ton you can get for free. You can now lend kindle books to friends for short periods. You connect your kindle to your existing Amazon account, if you have one.

    One shortcoming of the kindle is that it doesn’t work with libraries, but I hear that library lending will be coming soon. I think the Nook already allows you to borrow ebooks from some libraries.

    As far as being to read inside and out, the kindle is fabulous. I have a white one, and the white case is shinier than the words in the sunshine. (It’s not a problem though!). You will need a book light to read in the dark, but there’s lots of options for that, from a case for your kindle with a light built in to a cheap, clip-on book light that’ll work with both traditional books and your kindle.

    No matter what you get, I recommend getting some kind of a cover for it. My kindle is so thin, I felt like I could break it until I got a leather cover. A cover also makes it feel more book-like (to me). You might glance at the accessories (and their prices) before you buy, too.

    Hope that helps!



  3. Hands down I prefer the Kindle…not only because it readable like a book not a computer screen but the customer service that me and my friends have had with it has been outstanding. My other friend has a Nook and it seems she struggles every time she has a question. She thought she could just walk into Barnes and Noble and get help but she is lucky to find someone to help her there.

    You’ll love it no matter which one you get I’m sure! I know I love my Kindle!! Agree with Robin, get a case for it just for protection.


  4. Ipad, hands down. I use the Bluefire Reader app and I LOVE it. You can also download the Kindle and Nook reader. Just spend a few extra hundred. Do it!


  5. I’m in the Kindle camp too. I’ve had one for a few years and love it. Like Lisa, I still buy lots of paper books, but the Kindle gives me access to books really quickly. For example, I finished the second book of the Hunger Games last Sunday at 9pm. I was ravenous for more, but knew the book store was closed. I booted up my Kindle and one minute later had the next book in the series. I vote Kindle!

    Congrats on making the exciting move into the ebook world!


  6. Wow! Thanks, everyone, for all your help! This is all wonderful information and insight! And I’m glad hear such great reviews!

    Lisa – Thanks so much for attaching the article! It really helped!

    Robin – Great idea! I never thought to check the format availability of the books I wish to read! I’ll have to do a little research into that!


  7. Before buying an ereader, both are great, check out one of the tablets. You can downloads apps from various sources including Kindle, but you’re not locked into one. You also have the additional capabilities that a tablet offers. I have a Xoom, but there are a lot of great ones. You can’t go wrong.


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