I Have Returned!

I’m back! And where have I’ve been, you may ask? Well, believe it or not, I’ve been on a road trip across the Northeast. *Squeals* I had so much fun! I got to visit four fabulous places, which I will be posting individual posts and pictures on in the near future:

  • Greenfield Village, MI
  • Hurley, NY
  • Valley Forge, PA
  • And Mount Vernon, VA

If you noticed a small theme here, especially the last two sites I visited, you are correct! For part of my trip was doing research, or as I like to call it (mimicking one of my favorite characters) REEEESEARCH! That’s right! I’m gathering information on the Revolutionary War for my future WIP series, Samantha (Sam) Cooper. And OMG, it was wonderful! I felt so inspired, especially sitting at the Valley Forge Station, which overlooks Washington’s Headquarters and the Commander in Chief’s Guard Huts. I filled out 9 pages of my leather journal with thoughts and concepts, and wrote out three complete chapters.

Also, I found some awesome soundtracks at the gift shops to complete Sam Cooper’s playlists! YAY! And, I have completed a sketch of Thomas, the boy Sam first meets as she stumbles into the Revolution and becomes her most trusted friend. I’ll probably be posting the sketch in between my posts on Valley Forge and Mount Vernon.

Well, I have lots to write about! So, stay tuned!

One thought on “I Have Returned!

  1. Welcome back, Kelsey! Your vacation sounds amazing, and I’m eager to see photographs and to read more about it.


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