Sizzling Summer Author Extravaganza – Mark Your Calendars!!!!

July is almost here! Which means, Lisa Sanchez’s Sizzling Summer Author Extravaganza is about to start! *Squeal!!*

Lisa Sanchez, author of the Hanaford Park Series and Obsessed, is hosting a month long extravaganza at her new blog site, . There will be guest posts, giveaways, and all kinds of fun.

Lisa has invited 26 authors, including myself, to take part in this Extravaganza. I’m so excited!! I have prepared a post that takes a look into the pages of Death’s Island, which will be posted on July 13th! I’ll also be releasing the title and pitch for my Work In Progress! That’s right! I’m finally giving away the secret! So, be sure to mark your calendars and spread the word!!

For more details on the extravaganza, click here!

One thought on “Sizzling Summer Author Extravaganza – Mark Your Calendars!!!!

  1. I’m hoping our internet will be up and running by then. If not, I’ll be visiting many coffee shops with free wi-fi! Anyway thanks for the invite and I’ll mark your date on my calendar.



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