Washington, North Carolina

This weekend I decided to take a small stay-cation here in North Carolina. No work, no researching for my WIP, just a small day trip to relax the mind. Also with price of gas and the lack of time, I was just looking for a quick escape. Fortunately, North Carolina is rich with little gems snuggled along the outer banks and the inner banks, up in the mountains and in between. I found myself heading out to Washington, N.C. which is located along the Pamlico River. This is such a great little touristy town to visit!

My first stop was to the Visitor Center. The person who helped me was very sweet! She pointed to maps that would help me explore the town and informed me of the local events happening around the area, including a festival that was taking place near the boardwalk. She even pointed out the location of the bookstore and recommended visiting ‘Wine & Words… & Gourmet’.

I started by exploring the shops along Main Street. Each shop was unique, offering a wide range of antiques and artistic home accents. I enjoyed stepping into each one and exploring, but my favorite spots where the little bookstore, ‘I Can’t Believe It’s a Book Store’, and a wine shop called ‘Wine & Words… & Gourmet’. ‘I Can’t Believe It’s a Book Store’ was where I was able to purchase a ticket for a Ghost Walk which I will be attending in August when I can return and spend the night (Mwhahaha). ‘Wine & Words… & Gourmet’ is a place where you can find a unique collection of wine, beer, and specialty foods including olives, cheeses, salsas, etc… They also sell books, gifts, CD’s & wine accessories. Hmm, books and wine – need I say more?

Having walked for about an hour or so, I decided to take a break for lunch at a café named The Meeting Place.  One of the specials was the Signature Quiche with salad.  Being a quiche fan, I could not resist and believe me, I was not disappointed.   I also indulged in the guilty pleasure of the Apricot Iced Tea and the incredible Strawberry cake.  There are many reviews for The Meeting Place online.  My personal opinion is it is definitely worth stopping by!

Ok – so I couldn’t resist being a history buff and being in a place with over two hundred years of history, I took a self-guided tour called the Historic Washington Walking Tour. You can purchase a booklet at the Visitor Center. The booklet splits Historic Washington into three parts, the western sites, downtown, and the eastern site. The styles of houses and buildings on this tour span over three centuries from the late 1700’s to the early 1900’s. The cards in the booklet have a picture of each site along with a general history and facts on the back. And it was just pleasant walking through the different neighborhoods and areas of town.

This is a wonderful place to visit! From strolling on the boardwalk to exploring the town, I enjoyed every minute and I’m excited to be returning in August.

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  1. What fun, Kelsey! I so love your posts about your day trips. You definitely know how to make the best of a weekend. 🙂


  2. I love getting up on Monday and reading your travel posts. You have such an insatiable sense for adventure. Thanks for the link to Wahington, NC – It is definitely on my travel itinerary.


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