Character Convention

I had a totally awesome dream this weekend! It was set as a large book convention, packed wall to wall with people, and it took place in the halls of Hogwarts. My dreams can sometimes get really complicated, almost like Inception, with complex settings and large numbers of people, even strangers I never seen before. This was one of those dreams. It felt so real! However, instead of meeting the authors, I met the characters from their books. Not any of the main characters, but the minor ones. So, I didn’t get to meet Harry Potter, or Sophie Mercer, or Katsa.

This place was huge! I’m just glad the stairs didn’t move or it would have been really confusing! Tables were lined up along the walls, each representing a different book with one or two minor characters shaking people’s hands. I almost think my mind was summarizing all the books I’ve read throughout my life.

I was escorted around by Elodie from Hex Hall. Not the nicest character from the book. I might have enjoyed Cal’s company much better, but in dreams you don’t have much control. She showed me around, introducing me to lots and lots of characters. I can’t remember them all, but I think I even saw Origami Yoda. And there were some graphic novel characters as well.

I do remember visiting the Seven Kingdoms Trilogy table, but no one was there. It might just be because I started the series a week ago and my mind hasn’t wrapped around a character yet. Though, I do like Raffin. So, I just picked up a book and continued on.

The most interesting part was when I walked up to the Harry Potter table. Sitting behind the table was Professor Snape. Odd for me, I usually dream about the Weasleys or the Malfoys. But, we actually had a pleasant chat. What was scary was when our conversation was interrupted by a phone call. Snape answered his phone. Why he had a cell is beyond me, but oh well. It was Lord Voldemort and he wanted to meet me at an appointed time. Shivers, right? Yeah, well, what was scarier was that I actually accepted. However, I woke up before the appointed time came. I just wonder what in the world he wanted to talk about, if he wanted to talk at all. For all I know, I just set the time for my execution. LOL.

Before the end of the dream, the last table I visited was a surprise. It was for my own novel, Death’s Island. This was not something I expected. I even got to meet two of my own characters, Cyrus and Joshua. If I thought I knew them before, it was even more amazing what I learned from the dream.

I know it was just a dream, but wouldn’t it be cool if it were a reality? To actually meet the characters you read, even write, about! Even if I was about to meet one of the darkest characters ever written. I tell you, BEST DREAM EVER!

3 thoughts on “Character Convention

  1. I think that is totally awesome, albeit I think it would scare me too if Voldemort wanted to see me. But can you imagine getting the full story from each of the minor characters? Who they are, what they like and dislike – cool!


  2. I used to have a book about decoding dreams so I should probably find that and send it to you. Lol


  3. What a fantastic dream. I could only imagine what my banquet hall of characters would be from the current books I’ve been reading. Batman sharing a table with Juniper Berry would be amazing. I wonder what they would talk about?


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