Meet My New Notebook

HEY! First post from my new computer, which is totally awesome! I got a HP Pavilion dm3 (picture above: new computer to the right; my old computer to the left). Pretty cool! The only thing I was surprised about was that it was a notebook, not a laptop. So, no CD/DVD drive. All well. I don’t really use a CD/DVD drive anyway and if I need to I can purchase an external one. I’m just happy to have my computer. And after this experience, I feel ready to join the Geek Squad. Ok, maybe not. I’m not as computer savvy as my mum. And I definitely not as computer savvy as my father, who used to build desktop computers when he was alive. The tech. gene must have skipped a generation. But, I have learned a lot over the past few days!

Now, I’m off to play with my new notebook! See you around!

2 thoughts on “Meet My New Notebook

  1. Congratulations on your new computer purchase! I know how relieved you must feel having your own “space” back! It certainly makes life easier when you can write again without worrying about a crash.

    Funny, I wrote this in the other post, but the very same day you went shopping for your new computer, I did the same for a new netbook! I have this big computer I type stuff on, yet on occasion, I need the privacy or need to travel with it to get anything done. It’s a relief to have gotten everything straightened out!

    Anyway, congratz again and may all your troubles be little ones!


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