The Meltdown Continues…

Well, yesterday was the day from the Underworld. And worst of all, someone broke my #2 rule in life: Never break someone’s trust.

But, let me start from the beginning. First off, I spent most of yesterday driving around from store to store comparing prices. However, every time I thought I found the best deal on the computer I wanted, they were out of stock – so my luck. I had totally lost hope until I found one store that said they had just one left. Perfect, right?

Well, my first clue should have been all the masking tape on the box, but the sale representative reassured me that they had opened the box in the back to make sure everything was in order. I brought it home, but when I opened it; surprise, surprise – it had been used before. The cord was tangled, the documents missing, and there was some sort of sticky stuff on the screen. Yeah, definitely not the brand new computer I paid full price for. And by the time I called the store, they were closed – as was every other store I tried calling to find a replacement.

Ugh! Figures. It was after 6 pm by that time.

I stared into my soup (feeling like I wanted to puke) when Sophi asked if I tried Sears to see if they were open. I never even thought of Sears. So, I gave Sears a call to find they were open late because of a friends and family event. I headed quickly to their electronics department. Though when I got there, I found out the store didn’t hold any computers in stock, but they could order one for me. A little disheartened, I thought I would just go ahead and order. The guy that helped me was nice. He went through the list with me; found the computer with the right GB memory, the right GB hard drive, and that was smaller in size  (which I love since I travel a lot); checked the speed, number of USBs, battery life, and other things never even occurred to me; and it was cheaper than the one I had purchased at the other store. However, it won’t be here until Friday. So, Sophi has offered me to time share her laptop until then. (Sophi, you are a saint!)

As for the other store, I returned the computer just this morning. I will continue to shop there, but I think if I ever buy a device from them again, I want to inspect it personally before I walk out the door.

Update on the computer that crashed: My mum really worked hard trying to pull my poor old laptop back together last night and was able to bring it back long enough to get all my documents onto a jump drive. However, it blue screened once we tried to copy the pictures. We’re going to give it another shot later today to see if we can salvage the rest of my data, so keep your fingers crossed.

7 thoughts on “The Meltdown Continues…

  1. Oh, no! I’m so sorry your computer crashed, and then on top of that you had to deal with poop heads. Hopefully today marks the start of a better week for you! Take care!


  2. Sorry to hear about your computer! My died over Christmas, so I have a pretty good idea what you’re going through. Sorry to hear about the used dud, though.

    I hope your new one arrives quickly and works great. And that your pictures can be saved. My husband saved most of the documents on mine by booting it into Linux – but that’s about all I know…

    Good luck!


  3. Hi Kelsey,
    Yikes, can’t believe sales reps still think women are dumb – but look at your mum! Restoring files! She rocks!


  4. Kelsey-

    External Hard Drive! It has saved my life. My computer crashed while the Geek Squad was backing it up, yeah kind of a contradiction to what they are supposed to do. Anyway, no one was watching so they sent it out for hardware to be fixed and I got back a computer with no data on it. No programs, Wordperfect, iTunes, Office all wiped out. And they won’t replace them. I also have to locate my printer and camera software. The things is my computer came preloaded with all the above software so I’ve hidden the discs somewhere I thought was a good location at the time, but I don’t know where. But, my writing, my iTunes and my hubby’s resume, references etc are all on my external hard drive. Thank God I invested in the thing!

    And I’m so sorry about your computer melt down. My mom, 85, asked me “Do you think it’s really necessary to have all these computers?” Meanwhile your mom is fixing yours. Your mom sounds so cool! And get an external hard drive (make sure it’s compatible with your computer).

    Hope you like your new computer and you become friends in no time!!



    1. @Sophi and @Heather Rosdol Yeah, she totally rocks! I have to make sure I get her something extra special for Mother’s Day.
      @Heather Rosdol I’ll have to check into an external hard drive. Thanks for the recommendation!


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