Computer Meltdown!

You never see it coming! One day, it’s heathy. Exploring the world of the internet and typing away like it doesn’t have a care in the world. Then, one day, the dreaded black screen! I woke up and decided to check my e-mail. However, when I booted up my laptop it hardly got pass the boot up screen before turning pitch black. I tried to reboot, but nothing helped. All that was left was a black screen.

I called Mum to the scene in hopes that her computer knowledge could save the day. That I might once again get to use my computer at least one last time to gather data that was stored in the hard drive. She tried everything she knows for computer CPR, but it was too late. With no system backup disk, it was gone. Time of death, 9:00 am.


Fortunately, all important documents, including my novels and WIPs have been backup onto a jump drive as of Friday. However, I lost three months of picture  (including Easter and Old Salem – but not Christmas, thank goodness) and all the new manuscript playlists I had created just a week ago.

*slams head to desk*

And what lesson have we learned, Ms. Kelsey Ketch: Always. Always. Always! Backup your system and files!

Now, I have to head out and buy a new computer, but I’m grateful that my friend, Sophi, let me borrow her computer this morning so I may write this blog!

15 thoughts on “Computer Meltdown!

  1. Argh so annoying! That happened to me a couple of years ago. Fortunately a company was able to retrieve most of the contents of my hard drive and save it for me.

    Glad all your writing is safe at least x


    1. We were able to recover some data last night and I might still bring in to see if someone can recover the rest of hard drive, but we’ll see how everything works out.


  2. Oh, I know the feeling well! This happened to me about three months ago when we kept getting that blue screen of death. I lost some stuff but had saved most of my work on discs and the other computer. Whew! Backing up one’s work is crucial but some days it is difficult to remember. Ah, the lessons of life. Ouch.


  3. Aw, you poor girl! My heart goes out to you. Years ago a similar thing happened to me and I lost 9 months worth of journal entries. It killed me. Talk about a head-to-desk moment! Nowadays, I back up everything religiously! I try to do it every night, yet I do sometimes forget, and it’s those nights I wonder if my computer is going to start up the next morning!

    Funny, I’m on my way out the door to pick up a new netbook as well! Good luck with the search!


    1. Just a quick update: I ended up picking up a Samsung N145 Plus netbook from BestBuy, up here in Canada. I had it up and running in a little over an hour! It was nice to sit back on the bed again and write with my music playing on the headset. Difficult to find a quiet area of the house to concentrate, so…I found it refreshing to be able to do that again!


      1. 9 months of work lost! I can’t even imagine what that must of felt like. I was sick to my stomach just lossing what I had.
        Congrats on the new netbook, BTW! 🙂


  4. That sucks. I’ve had that happen and lost a ton of pictures, so I’m obsessive about using my jump drive. On the bright side, buying a new laptop is fun–enjoy!


  5. Kelsey, I’m so sorry!! 😦 Thank goodness your writing was backed up, though.

    On the only lighter note I can think of, how many young adults turn to their parents for computer help?


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