Easter Flashback

It’s another Easter. And, yes, I am wearing pigtails!

I’m on the hunt for yummy Easter Eggs! Oh, what’s this?

Hmm? A plastic egg? And what is hidden within? What ever it is, it must be good because it’s locked tight!

Hold on! I think… I… Got… It!



“BALLOONS! Aw, thanks, Mum!” – But, what happen to the chocolate?

AH! There we have it!


(What’s you’re favorite Easter memory?)

6 thoughts on “Easter Flashback

  1. Cute photos. Great memories.

    We had eight kids in my family…someone was always into some kind of mischief.

    The Easter I remember is when we smashed all the hard-boiled eggs into the carpet…we literally ground them.

    Mom wasn’t too happy, but we just had to clean them up.

    Always something going on in my house. I also remember this orange chiffon dress with a big bow at the waist…yes orange…can you imagine that color in an Easter dress….my sister and I both had the identical dress. 🙂

    Happy Easter.




  2. awww, sweet. at first i thought colorful plastic snakes went into the air – LOL. balloons is a fun idea. yes, chocolate is the best part of the day apart from the egg hunting.


  3. My parents used to buy our Easter baskets premade at the Russel Stover store in the mall. They were white with green grass and had this big handles on them and were covered with colored celophane. Then my parents would hide them in the yard in the morning and we’d get up and hunt for our baskets in our pajamas. We lived in Florida so it was never cold on Easter. Then later we used to hide real boiled eggs in the yard and hunt for them. There was always one or two that were never found. Yuck! And we’d eat the eggs after they’d been out in the yard and all. It’s amazing we never got sick!


    Today we spent the day at the beach looking for the Right Whales that are off Cape Cod. Wrong beach. So instead I collected green rocks.


  4. I was little and my brothers all found plush rabbits when they were looking for their eggs. I could not find mine and was getting upset. It was hidden six feet up in a blue spruce tree and I was maybe three feet tall at the time. My dad lifted me up so I could reach it, and it was the most beautiful rabbit I ever saw.


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