Fear and Encourgement!

Today has been an awesome day!

First, the lovely Lisa Rivero (author of Planting Words: My Friend Oscar Micheaux) has featured an interview on her blog where I talk about how I find and make time to write. Check out: Kelsey Ketch on Finishing Your Novel: I Write Whenever I Can

And now, the amazing D.M.Cunningham (author of Pair of Normals) has just posted one of our first talks on fear and how it influenced our lives and writing. Check out: The FEAR of writing Pt. 1

These has been a fun filled day!! 😀 Come by and see!!

One thought on “Fear and Encourgement!

  1. So…I’m commenting on this because I thought you were speaking like Yoda for a second and it sounded like you said “find make time.” I don’t know why that sounded Yodaish…maybe I need a nap.


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