Fill in the Blanks…

Liberty at libertyfallsdown always finds the coolest meme to post (Totally check out her blog and her amazing short stories). Today is one from QWERTYmum and Carole Finds Her Wings in a challenge to fill in the blanks. So, here it goes:

I am… a writer; a graduate student; a daughter; an only child; a cat lover; a dog lover; a dreamer; a lover of music; a fan of Castle, M*A*S*H, and NCIS; a bookiholic; exhausted (probably from staying up late and reading. LOL); still a kid at heart; an artist; a hard worker; and witty.

The bravest thing I’ve ever done… running in front of two speeding sports cars that were racing each other to save a kid walking in the middle of a one-car alleyway. Both the child and I safely dodged the cars and there were no injuries (thank goodness).

I feel prettiest… when men flirt with me in the store or at the mall. I don’t know, just makes me feel good about myself.

Something that keeps me awake at night… is thinking. Just thinking on one thing which then leads to another and another, creating a long chain of thoughts. Then I have to go back and think of what started the chain and the process starts all over again.

My favorite meal is… oh, boy. Tough one. I have to say my traditional girls’ night dinners. My friend and I have a girls’ night almost every Friday where we make a pizza by hand (or once and a while go to Papa Murphy’s) and have a glass of wine while watching a video.

The way to my heart is… just understanding who I am and accepting that this is who I am. Also, it would help if they understand my sense of humor (Yeah, definitely needs to understand my sense of humor).

I would like to be… successful, a good daughter, and a good friend.

Anyone who reads this and wants to may fill in the blanks themselves! Let’s all get to know each other a little better 🙂  Also, click here if you weren’t able to check out last week’s post – Death Island Bachelors.

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6 thoughts on “Fill in the Blanks…

  1. I LOVE it when people flirt with me. It does make you feel hot lol. Although sometimes it creeps me out, like the time when I was at a friend’s fancy dress party as a police woman and this total random old bloke tapped me on the shoulder, bent over and indicated that I should use my baton on his backside.

    Backed away from that one with a look of terror on my face, I think XD


  2. Hey Kelsey! Missed the hop yesterday, but wanted to stop by and see whassup. This is a cool meme. So…ya like Nathan Fillion in Castle? You should check out Firefly (if you haven’t already). And that is an amazing story about saving that boy from the cars! No wonder men like to flirt w/ you. 😉


  3. This is a great meme! I love castle too! You should definitely check out Firefly like Nicki suggested. You are very brave for running in front of speeding cars. However I’m glad that you and the child are safe!


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