Death Island Bachelors

Happy Valentine’s Day! As a treat I thought I would post Death’s Island’s five most eligible young bachelors that are entangled in Meriden’s life. Yes, I said ‘five’! (What? Is Meriden like the only girl on board the Orion? Oh yeah, she is – lucky duck.)

Today, I’m just going to give snippets of each of their descriptions. Hope you enjoy today’s post!

The wealthy Rupert Railing:

We were entangled on the ground, Rupert’s strong abdomen crushing the rib that was severely injured. And to add to the humiliation, his hips had landed right on top of mine. A part of his anatomy pressing through our clothes into my lower abdomen, which sent a trail of disgust throughout my entire body. I twisted my fingers through his blond curls behind his neck and pulled.

The playful Matthew Kettlesworth:

I wheeled around to find a well-built man I hadn’t seen in years standing right behind me. The familiar ash-brown hair and comforting sea-blue eyes making me jump with excitement. “Matthew,” I shrieked, wrapping my arms around his neck.

The dashing Doctor George Hobson:

The fight leaving my body, I let Rupert lead me up the street toward the Railing Mansion. Practically every step was followed by a groan or a yelp. Fortunately, it wasn’t long before we met Doctor Samson’s assistant, Doctor George Hobson, while he was wrapping a wound on the small boy’s head. One glance in our direction, his cheerful smile vanished.

The handsome Greg Wilson:

The young man jumped, pressing his back against a shadowed wall. His appearance was frightening. Though tall, his frame was thin. Even his ribcage peeked through his torn clothes. He was dirty and covered in blood. The tangle mass of dark-ginger hair and beard gave him the look of a wild animal. A part of me wanted to run and scream, yet something stopped me. It was his eyes. Even in the dark I could see their spring-green irises, tender and soft when they gazed upon my hunched figure.

And the bad boy, Zack Wilson:

My brother maliciously grinned while the breeze blew his uncut strawberry-blond hair across his piercing grey eyes. “You don’t actually think that I’m going to let you just jump ship alive, now do you?”


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  1. Yum. So many options, not enough time……well if I had to choose – I think I would go for Matthew…. but I love Greg’s eyes. Oh … they are all so good looking – Lucky Meridan!


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