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All right, honestly, I’m may love weaving a good tale, but I do not like to fib. So it’s time that the truth came out about the “5 things about yourself” from the Memetastic Award. I got a lot of compliments that said these were great lies, and for this activity that was a good thing. But the reason they were great lies is because they were all based in fact. These events did occur in one way or another and now I like to share what was true or false about each statement (Also with spelling mistakes were corrected from original post – sorry about that). So: “I solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

1.      I’m a caffeine/sugar junky. I drink two cup of coffee in the morning, have two cans of soda at lunch, three rolls of Smarties as a snack with another can of soda, and about one and a half Tick-Tack boxes and a sleeve of Mintos throughout the day.

  • False:  Ok, so I do have two cups of coffee in the morning. But, I only really have one soda at lunch, a Smarties roll once and a while for a snack (no soda), and maybe ten Tick-Tacks and two Mintos throughout the day.

2.      During a vacation in the Hawaii, I sailed with a small group of tourists on a small 25 footer sailboat into the Pacific Ocean where we stopped for a quick diving tour and lunch. While sailing back to shore, the weather turned for the worst and we bobbed over thirty foot waves. I was the only passenger who didn’t end up sea-sick.

  • False: They were four foot swells, not thirty. I think if they were thirty foot, I wouldn’t be alive today to tell the story. LOL. Other than that, the rest is true.

3.      I was once challenged to a duel at a Renascence Fair. We fought in the streets as a crowd of people gathered to watch. Though I never had a lesson, I was able to injure his right arm, forcing to switch the blade to his left hand. We continued our battle until I took a swipe and injured his left arm. So, I literally dis-armed him.

  • False: Yes, I was challenged to dual, using wooden broad swords. A crowd didn’t gather around and the man claimed that if they were real swords, I would have injured both his arms. However, I think he was just being polite and surrendering to a young lady who had dreams of welding a sword one day.

4.      When I was about nine, I was riding my friend’s horse when another rider came to join me. She had left the gate open to a small shed. Being a hot day, the horse decided the shed was a good place to cool down. So, she started galloping towards it. As she approached, I realize that I was about to collide with the wall above the frame of the door. Without thinking, I flung my arms up and grabbed hold of the edge of the roof. I lifted myself out of the saddle, dangling there until the horse was clear and my mom came to help me down. That was the day I earn my nickname “cat-woman”.

  • Honest Truth: Word for word. And I haven’t ridden a horse since.

5.      As I was hiking through a tangle of burned, fallen down logs with a small group of friends, I slipped on the surface of one of the logs and tumbled down a good five feet before a branch finally caught the back of my jeans. I looked down to find a rock just six inches from my head. My friends raced after me and helped pull me off the branch. I was seriously cut and brushed with a puncture wound in my right calf.

  • False: Actually, the true tale is more interesting then this tale. Ok, so I didn’t tumble five feet. I just tumbled off the log and fell over another down a small incline until the branch snagged my leg. But, I had no one around to help me. While hanging upside-down, pain searing through my arms and legs, and a rock just inches from my head, I had to figure out how to lift my body off the branch that punched my leg and jeans and swing myself off the log onto safe solid ground. Not an easy task. Then, having no cell phone service, hobbled to a local aid station. (Lesson learned, have a hiking buddy at all times).

So, lots of things have happened in my life. And I know many stories sound unbelievable, but this is the honest truth! 🙂

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