Stylish Blogger Award

Today, I received a Stylish Blogger Award! *grinning from ear to ear* And now I’m passing it on!
Here are the guidelines:
Link back to the person who gave it to you.
Give 7 facts about yourself.
Award 15 great bloggers you’ve recently discovered (if you wish or have the time 🙂 ).
Contact them and tell them about the award.
So here it goes. I got the award from Jennifer Lane, Author of With Good Behaior
Seven random facts about me:

* I have 11 fish, all of which are named after the characters from my novel Death’s Island.

* My favorite show is Castle on ABC.

* My favorite ice cream is Cookie Dough.

* I use to dress up for every Harry Potter book release. Not as any specific character, just Hogwarts robes and maybe a lightning bolt sticker on my forehead – you could say I was Kelsey Potter LOL. 😉

* I have a weakness for balloons – love balloons!

* I loved playing Nerf wars with my father when he was alive.

* When I was a kid, my mum use to hide a small treasure box and create a map for me to follow to find it. Now, I’m a human GPS when it comes to navigation.

And now, I’m bestowing the award on my favorite blogs!

9 thoughts on “Stylish Blogger Award

  1. Maybe the treasure hunt led to your writing choices???


    How’s the writing? Still on track now that break is over?



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