The Strength of Characters: Esther M. Friesner Novels

I have always been drawn to strong female characters. I can relate to them. I can understand the battles they face. I even wish to be more like them in strength. During these pass couple of months, I have found the strength of character in four historical, young adult novels, all of which are by Esther M. Friesner: Nobody’s Princess, Nobody’s Prize, Sphinx’s Princess, and Sphinx’s Queen.

Helen of Troy

What would you do for the price of freedom? To have the chance to truly be yourself? In Nobody’s Princess and Nobody’s Prize, Helen of Troy was born with the responsibilities of future queen of Sparta. But, her heart calls for something more. She wants adventure!

What I love about Helen is she is not afraid to work for what she wants. She fought for the right to learn how to sword fight and to hunt, skills only taught to boys. And by hiding her identity as a woman, she joins adventures of heroes including battling the Calydon Boar and sailing with Jason and the Argonauts. And with every challenge that is thrown her way, she meets it head on.


Being the pawn in a game of politics can become a dangerous situation, especially when it is within your own family.  In Sphinx’s Princess and Sphinx’s Queen, Nefertiti is caught in the middle of her Aunt’s political war to gain power. But, her mind and spirit thirst for knowledge and she finds that she will have to stand up for her beliefs in way she never imagine.

To be honest, Nefertiti is not as physically strong as Helen of Troy, but she is cunning! Instead of using a sword to battle, she uses her mind and her words to overcome her challenges. And, she is not afraid to use what is at hand to defend herself once her life becomes threatened.

Though they have their weakness, these two different women each use the strengths they were given to conquer their battles. These are the kinds of characters I enjoy reading about and the kind that I aspire to write. And with that, I like to thank Esther Friesner for sharing these amazing characters and inspiring my own to become stronger.

4 thoughts on “The Strength of Characters: Esther M. Friesner Novels

  1. Yeah! I love strong female characters! I know you’ve mentioned Nobody’s Princess to me before and I think that I’m going to have to check it out! From what I’ve seen of Meriden, I’m also pretty excited to read about her journey!


  2. I love strong female characters also and you’re not alone in wishing you could be more like them! These books sound really good! They’re on my to-read list!



  3. I am more attracted to a book with a strong female character also! I have heard these books mentioned before and maybe I should finally get around to them, they look like they would be right up my alley! Great post Kelsey!


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