Create A Scene Tuesday (17)

So, my birthday is this week! Yay! And I thought is would be cool if the topic of this week’s Create A Scene would be family secrets! After all, the best time to find out a family secret is one’s own birthday.

What scene will you create? For rules – please see Create a Scene Tuesdays. Also check out last week’s entries – click here.

This week:

 Character – Anyone

 Action – Discovering a Family Secret

 Setting – Their Home

My entry: Sarah woke up on the day of her eighteenth birthday and crawled to the kitchen, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. They fell on a man sitting at the table, his grubby coat brushing across the floor. Her mother’s face was pale as the coffee mug in her hand shook. The man spoke in such a soft voice, Sarah could barely hear his words. Her mother nodded with tears in her eyes.

Sarah stepped in, “Mother, is everything alright?”

They both shot their gaze towards her. The man took a deep breath, his eyes studying her.

“Honey, sit.”

Sarah sat next to her mother, the man eyes training her, “What’s going on?”

“Dr. Garb here is to talk about your father. He was a co-worker at the University your father worked at. A very special University…”

Grab leaned forward, “Sarah, there are people in this world… people like me, like your father, like yourself… who can swift between dimensions, between worlds.”

Sarah laughed, “You’re kidding right. This is a joke?”

“Honey,” her mother took her hand, “remember those dreams you use to have? The shadows?”

“Not shadows,” Garb snapped. “They are called Vorhers! Beings of other worlds looking into ours like one would look into a mirror! Children can see them only because they haven’t learned to control the gateways of time and space! Sarah, please listen. Your father was studying and charting a new region. One our kind had never even knew existed. But he was lost. We had experts search through his office and work he left behind. But, noone could figure out what he discovered or even where the new gateway is located. That is why we need you!”

“Me! I… I can’t! I never even knew my father! I knew nothing of his work or what he studied! I never even traveled through time and space!”

“That is why I will be you adviser. I will teach you what you need to know to complete your classes and complete the task your father has left to you. The University is willing to pay your tuition and is offering a 50,000 unit minutes grant for your research.”

Sarah was in shock. How could any of this be true and what was a unit minute? She turned to her mother for guidance.

“This is your choice,” was all her mother could offer.

3 thoughts on “Create A Scene Tuesday (17)

  1. Moonlight. That’s my name. I always thought that my mother was an incredible romantic. My grandmother always smiled when she spoke my name, even when I was in trouble. So imagine my joy when I saw my name on my birthday cake. It was painted in a scene with a tree, a full moon, and the silhouettes of two lovers. My entire family surrounded me as I blew out my candles, or so I thought.
    Late that night, at midnight, my grandmother woke me. “Moonlight,” she whispered. “I need to show you something.”
    I pulled on my robe and slipped on my sandals. My grandmother led me deep into the forest. There in a glade stood seven young women, ranging from seventeen to twenty two. I stared. My grandmother pulled me to the center and introduced me to Serenade, Merlot, Rose, Brooke, Strand, and Vista, my six sisters.


  2. Oh, I’m so behind with the times…happy belated birthday! Hope all is going well for you and that you had a wonderful birthday 🙂


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