Happy Halloween!

 Happy Halloween!!!

Yay! Halloween has finally come! The house is ready. Withchs, bats, and crows in the windows.

The great pumpkin sits by the gate. Renaldo greets the children, hanging around and looking for any candy handout. Interestingly enough, the first trick or treater was not a child, but our neighborhood cat, Nikki.

Fotunately, I had some extra kitty treats for her.


I’m dressed to kill as the Dread Pirate Roberts. I have also been carving pumpkins all weekend: designing, hollowing, and carving 10 pumpkins out of 14. And for this, I have received one very sore wrist as my reward, but well worth it. Fortunately, a friend had come over to help. So, introducing 10 little Jack-O-Lanterns:

The first little Jack-O-Lantern is a classic: a black cat with a haunting tree, laying in a bed of rock.

The second little Jack-O-Lantern is that of an old witch’s cottage, who has landed on top of a buried foot. The third little Jack-O-Lantern is a creepy vine, leaves orange and spreading fear.

The fourth Jack-O-Lantern is that of quiet Shire from The Lord of the Rings, next to which is a zombie hand.

The fifth little Jack-O-Lantern is a familiar skull and next to him a ghost’s ship crawls. The seventh Jack-O-Lantern is a raven, its black eyes piercing the soul. The eighth Jack-O-Lantern is a terrible spider, creeping and weaving it deadly web. The ninth Jack-O-Lantern is that of a bat, taking flight into the night.

The tenth and final Jack-O-Lantern is that of an enchanting scene, one of a dragon and a castle of old. Ten little Jack-O-Lanterns, candles flickering bright. Each had a tale that was told and I hope you have a wonderful Halloween night.

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  1. The original dread pirate roberts? Or one of the other ones that later came along? Love the pumpkins. Didn’t carve any this year, because last year slugs ate them and I screamed because slugs scare me…


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