Halloween Favs Friday – Hocus Pocus: 2 Days

Halloween Favs – A time to share some of my favorite books, movies, and songs for the season. Today:

Hocus Pocus – I LOVE Hocus Pocus! It’s one of Disney’s best works. And I still can’t believe my favorite character Binx (Sean Murray) is the same actor who plays Special Agent Timothy McGee (My favorite character in NCIS)!!!

IMDB Summary: More than 300 years ago, 3 witches were sentenced to die in Salem, Massachusetts and a boy was turned into a cat (a black cat, naturally). Now it’s Halloween, and the witches (who fly on [I kid you not] vacuum cleaners) are back. This time, they’ve got their eyes on immortal life and have turned their wrath on trick-or-treaters and it’s up to the 300-year-old cat to save the day.

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